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Game Description:

From Giantbomb’s profile:

The game is based on a PC-88 game from Quasar Soft named Ashe. Besides the big improvements to graphic and audio quality (Ed: Really?), the games seem functionally identical.

Translation Description:

An English translation patch for Energy on the PC Engine. It also contains a few small gameplay changes, making it a lot less painful to play.

The game is fully playable in English. The text prints faster. You can now ‘tap’ the button to proceed at the end of a text box. The infuriatingly slow scrolling speed is now much quicker. The unskippable intro now plays only once–if you die or reset, it will skip the intro and start the game directly.

Hopefully some folks who were put off by it before can now complete and perhaps even find some enjoyment from this infamous HuCARD game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Energy (Japan).pce
  • File Size: 262,144 bytes
  • CRC32: ca68ff21
  • SHA-1: 8a43ac4f92cf6715e95b607c75e5c9e43b1c7575
  • MD5: b928568fd7258f90b5ac410c7f65c48c


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User Review Information

Terrific work on a deeply flawed but interesting game

Reviewed By: goldenband on 26 Mar 2017

Energy is infamous in the PC Engine library as the quintessential example of kusoge, and my past attempts to play it left me with the same impression. But the work that cabbage and onionzoo have done on this patch has transformed Energy into a thoroughly playable and oddly appealing affair that’s somewhere between Ys III and Zillion (not the ideal comparison, but that’s the best I can do right now).

It still has its share of issues, like the Action 52-quality platforming physics that leave you flailing right at the edge of your destination, or the forced hits and inscrutable delays that plague many rooms. But by fixing the absurdly slow transitions between screens, adjusting the text speed, and eliminating the forced replay of the intro after a GAME OVER, the game is now much, much less of a chore to play.

And translating the text itself makes a world of difference in a game with this much backtracking required: in almost all cases, it’s now obvious what you need to do next, or where you need to go. I can’t evaluate how faithful the localization is, but I can say that it flows naturally, with no obvious spelling or grammatical errors, nor any glitches that didn’t appear to be part of the original game.

To be clear, Energy is no lost classic. In truth it’s quite short and easy, taking me only a couple of hours to beat; even though it gives you only one life (and no continues or passwords!), the game is quite generous with health power-ups if you know where to look. But it’s one of those games that many of us will find weirdly addictive, as we get a little bit further each time, and so end up hitting Run again right after we get a GAME OVER.

Many thanks to cabbage and onionzoo for giving us the opportunity to enjoy something akin to a perfect 1989-era localization of this game – fixing the things that needed to be fixed, but leaving the game’s bizarre charm intact.

Version 1.01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A meh translation for a horrible game.kristigurl26 Mar 20171.01No
Terrific work on a deeply flawed but interesting gamegoldenband26 Mar 20171.01Yes