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Contra Director

Level Editors


Contra Director is a nearly complete level editor. It can display level’s layout and enemy’s position, but can’t edit the enemy’s locations at the moment.

Now Contra Director can adapt the US version perfectly but may have issues with the Japanese version so use it at your own risk.

More features will be added as updates are made. Enjoy and happy level editing!


User Review Information

A very crude editor

Reviewed By: lancuster on 05 Mar 2017

So I could not really take advantage of this editor. No button is not signed, it is extremely difficult to understand what to do. I’ve unpacked the rom, but even that did not help. Map loaded is empty, so I have nothing left but to remove it. Perhaps, my computer is not suitable for it, but I would like to make it fit.

Version V20160507 Recommended - No

User Reviews
A very crude editorlancuster05 Mar 2017V20160507No