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Touhou Kaikidan: Mystic Square


Game Description:

Touhou Kaikidan: Mystic Square is an action shooter game for the PC-98.

Translation Description:

Installing the patches, setting up the emulators, etc:

Just follow the instructions located in the Images folder in the archive (I would recommend opening the images with your Internet browser to match the original resolution; it would be much easier for you to read and scroll through. Just open your Internet browser and drag and drop the images to it one by one). You can find all the links in the readme.txt in the archive.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mystic Square.hdi
  • CRC32: 0C3238D5
  • MD5: 521D383CEC4D2122E414F679099BD71F
  • SHA-1: F9EE7DCD06F5B3593B5FDF9B34782113AB7F158B


Screenshots: Patch Images


User Review Information

Very professionally done

Reviewed By: Synnae on 05 Feb 2017

(Note: This is a single review for all patches by xJeePx.)

The PC-98 Touhou games are largely ignored (even among the majority of the fans of the series), so it’s certainly nice to see so much dedication coming from one person into translating 2~5. Aside from some graphic artifacts here and there, the translations all look quite professional. I didn’t run across any bugs that would interfere with gameplay.

The series’ dialogue is known for being pretty silly, so I’d say it’s worth a read if you’re feeling bored and want some giggles. The dialogue is also different depending on the heroine you pick, so that adds to replay value. Just be aware that the difficulty isn’t for everyone, so if this is your first time playing and you just want to read through the text, I’d recommend setting the difficulty to Easy or Normal at most. Anything higher than that will likely get you wrecked on later stages, making you run out of continues before getting to read everything.

There’s another thing: Gensoukyou only goes up to stage 5 (rather than 6) if you’re playing on Easy. Plus, if you use continues on any game, the extra stage won’t be unlocked. So that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a full experience.

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Very professionally doneSynnae05 Feb 20171.00Yes