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Final Fantasy Tactics: Emergence

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Final Fantasy Tactics was made 20 years ago, and remains one of the best Tactical Role Playing Games on the market. 10 years ago, it was remade for the PSP and ported to IOS/Android. Now, in 2017, a professional board game designer takes a look back at the game to see what FFT could have been. What design choices emerge from hints left within the story… the art… the code?

FFT: Emergence is the result of this exploration. Here is a high-level overview of the changes:

  • Each job has been tweaked, with some being completely redesigned.
  • Every special character has been modified. Ramza, for example, slowly becomes a Dark Knight over the course of the story.
  • The Job Tree progression is more intuitive and reflective of character growth.
  • The “Dark Knight” job has been replaced with the “Magus”, an armor-wearing magician.
  • Magick charge time has been reduced across the board.
  • The Faith stat has been brought into balance with Bravery. It is only used for statuses and summons.
  • 30 new abilities have been created.
  • 16 abilities previously only available to enemies have also been unlocked.
  • Most equipment has received balance tweaks.
  • Fell Swords replace Bags in the base game. They reward characters with low Faith.
  • Every storyline battle has been tweaked to give players a greater variety of enemies and a smoother difficulty curve.

Taken in total, FFT: Emergence is a new way to experience an old classic. With a difficulty level similar to the original game, any player can pick this up with confidence.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • European PSP ISO




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User Review Information

Pretty good so Far A+

Reviewed By: Outlander on 28 Jan 2017

Been playing for only a couple of hours so far. Seems a bit on the easy side, but I expect that to change as the game progresses. I have played other FFT mods though and they always seem to jack up the difficulty and complexity until what should be a fun experience turns into a stress inducing mess. I like it and expect to have a good time with it. I would like to thank the modder and suggest that others give this a try.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pretty good so Far A+Outlander28 Jan 20171.0Yes