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Mega Man X - Generation

Hack of Mega Man X


This hack for Mega Man X changes all the levels and graphics from the original into a whole new layout. The background music are also changed.

Here is a game trailer for the hack -

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man X (U) (V1.0) [!].smc
  • CRC32: 1033EBA4
  • MD5: A10071FA78554B57538D0B459E00D224
  • SHA-1: 449A00631208FBCC8D58209E66D0D488674B7FB1
  • SHA-256: 3E1209F473BFF8CD4BCBF71D071E7F8DF17A2D564E9A5C4C427EE8198CEBB615




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User Review Information

Definitely Worth Playing

Reviewed By: Webbhead08 on 16 Jan 2017

I have played through, although not completed, most of the initial stages of this hack, and it has been a rewarding experience.

I am not the best Megaman player ever, but have completed all of the NES and SNES megamans numerous times and the difficulty for this game feels great - very similar to the original but slightly more difficult, perhaps because I don’t know the layouts of this one so well but also due to some nicely added twists.

Constructive criticisms so far, and these by no mean majorly detract from the game, just points that could be polished:

  • Storm Eagle level has some insta-death spikes on top of ceilings where you might be exploring, a brutal surprise that could be avoided with additional tiles?
  • Boomer Kwanger when you restart after death, second spot I think, you automatically get damaged by the flying enemy, unavoidable …
  • Launch Octopus also has some ‘hidden’ insta death spikes where the simple inability to go or a ceiling would suffice I think, rather than *poof death* while trying to look around

These are few and far between so far and am loving just about every minute of my adventure, boss AI / layouts are excellent as well.

Play this if a fan of Megaman for sure -


Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
goodpleasejust06 Nov 20181.0Yes
Definitely Worth PlayingWebbhead0816 Jan 20171.0Yes
Sloppy presentation, but well receivedLance04 Jan 20171.0Yes