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Love Hina Advance

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

Have you ever wanted to watch the entire Love Hina anime series, only to play it as a GAME? Well if you’ve never seen the anime or the manga, you’re out of luck, because even though it seems that this game follows the storyline episode-for-episode word-for-word, it doesn’t actually explain who the hell anyone is. For the slobbering Love Hina fanboys only. It is a very pretty game though, which explains the huge file size.

Translation Description:

According to the readme, everything’s done except for a couple of karaoke songs. There’s two patches in the zip file, giving you a choice of fonts, but both fonts look kinda rushed and funky. The translation itself is really nice though, even if you don’t know who’s talking or what’s going on sometimes, but I think that’s mostly the game’s fault.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 0096 - Love Hina Advance - Shukufuku no Kane wa Naru Kana (Japan).gba
  • CRC32: B8E67449
  • MD5: 53BFC207DD7320AD7DB94E299ADCA245
  • SHA-1: C52F2F584A8DADD7130687FFEE512FAAE1AC7463


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

Choices, Choices, Choices

Reviewed By: Garoth Moulinoski on 02 Dec 2011

I may have played this game way too many times for it to be a healthy thing… So right off the bat, I can say this game is fun even if you are not familiar with Love Hina.

If you want to compare it to something, I guess Pheonix Wright could be used, but even then, it’s not a game that seems like any other. Choices are timed and your choice will affect not only the girls’ heart meter, but whether or not you’ll get beaten up by some of the more ruthless girls. This means that you can die in the game- or more like leave the dormitory Keitaro works at.

Oh yeah, you just help Keitaro make his decisions. The game is 98% text and choice making, with the remaining 2% being 2 parts where you actually move around in a top-down view style.

Still, the game reads a lot like a visual novel and contrary to what Spinner 8 says, it isn’t all THAT hard to figure who’s talking since you usually have your face icon and the bubble pointing at who’s talking. Edit: I misread what Spinner 8 complained about; the game does, in fact, seem to assume that you know that characters beforehand.

Oh yeah, you also have multiple endings depending on which girl you decide to go out with at the end and how much they love you. Basic love sim stuff, I guess (not that I would know).

The patch itself has a readable translation. You’ll be able to understand what’s going on for the most part, but it was obvious that the translation was aimed at people who prefer their Japanese terms in Japanese. So, instead of hot spring, you have onsen and instead of landlord, you kanrin (or somethin like that). Some songs are untranslated, but the description already says that.

I also remember the text overflowing a little at times, but it was never a big issue. The text just end up just a little outside the text box.

The font with which I played the game with was kinda ugly looking, but for the most part, did its job.

All in all, it’s a good game to kill time with if you ever download the patch and carry it around with you and have nothing else to play (or if you’ve beaten everything you ever cared to play). Perverts be warned: There is no nudity in this game (seriously, what do you think?! It’s a GBA game!!).

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Choices, Choices, ChoicesGaroth Moulinoski02 Dec 2011N/AYes