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F-Zero - Stage 6 - Revolution

Hack of F-Zero


Here is a full level hack for F-Zero which changes all the tracks to new ones for you to race on!

Please do not forget to use the Japanese F-Zero ROM when applying this patch!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • F-Zero (Japan).sfc (NOINTRO)
  • CRC32: 7681EFC1
  • MD5: 2656D9781A90440E2C5BE39F512A80C4
  • SHA-1: 54D06D143383DE0354788B07314C7DC238575DD0
  • SHA-256: 592614CA2ADA6AAA9098A614C185D5F9DEAD90D9A16178A52498151ECB2D8995




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SMK LimitedHacking

User Review Information

Too easy/Great for kids

Reviewed By: resq on 03 Jan 2017

These tracks are very easy and would be great for beginners or kids 10 and under.

But there’s something fishy going on here.

The tracks are extremely easy until you get to the last track on King Cup - Death Wind II - then it’s virtually impossible to finish!

All the tracks on Knight, Queen and King are very simple. There are almost no obstacles or jumps. White Land on Knight Cup is just a big circle. There are jumps on Fire Field that allow you to skip a small portion of the track but if you do the game will glitch and say you’re going in reverse then dump you back to 7th & 8th place (this is no fault of the mod author aside from them having designed the track letting player do this.)

The tracks are simple! Even easier than the original game if you can imagine that. In fact you might even use the word boring.

Death Wind doesn’t show up until the 4th track on King Cup and this track is, again, just a big loop (albeit a bigger one than the previous White Land track.) Then the 5th track on King Cup is Death Wind II - if you value your sanity don’t even try it. There is totally ridiculous use of mines with a deadly wind pushing your racer into them. The whole track is lined with them on most of it. I tried it three times then gave up - crashed out on 1st lap twice.

So there’s something fishy going on here - the mod author lulls the player with a whole game of easy tracks and then kills your soul with an almost impossible last track.

Well played.

My recommendation is try the better hacks of this game instead.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Too easy/Great for kidsresq03 Jan 20171.0No