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Gimmick! More than a simple toy

Hack of Mr. Gimmick


This is improves hack of NES game called “Gimmick! More than a simple toy!”. In fact, the game is still the same. Changed only some structure of levels, number and location of enemies and bonuses. But now:

  • There are new gameplay solutions related both to the level design, and with his passing (now the game can be played as you like).
  • Play it became much easier, compared to the original, where you had to used joystick specifically. Lives now is 5.
  • Added new room. The game filled with all the empty seats.
  • Fixed another drawback of the original game - inaccessibility of treasures, which if not taking, then player will see a bad ending. In this hack… collect all the treasures on the levels will not only gamers with curved arms.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Gimmick! (J) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.23b
  • CRC32: 15F688B6
  • MD5: D5690F20E4BE9ED870114A248409E8E1
  • SHA-1: 835FEE060B15700163A1F8AD9716A163BF79C8FD
  • SHA-256: 7C02B97938AE445DCC86AF00FEBF64CACACB991B0CC512E35678343103A846E0




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
lancusterHackingLevels, enemies and bonuses locations hacking, and other

User Review Information

False Advertising

Reviewed By: Imaynotbehere4long on 07 Dec 2016

Having played the unedited version of Mr. Gimmmick before, I can state that this patch, contrary to its description, makes much of the game harder than before and actually removes gameplay solutions. Examples:

- In the original game, the stage 2 boss could be defeated by damaging him enough OR by knocking him off the ship. In this version, the platform has been stretched to the end of the screen, so you HAVE to damage him enough to win.

- The instant death blocks you can see in the main post’s fourth screenshot are absent in the original game. Plus, they unintuitively do not look like they will harm the player.

- Misc. areas have longer jumps, extra cannons, or spikes where there was formerly a safe platform.

Also, while it’s neat that there are a few extra rooms (even if they’re repetitive at times (looking at you, extra stage 3 rooms)), players will quickly realize WHY said areas were blocked off in the original game. Examples:

- In stage 1, a new room is added to the left of the third room, but if the player successfully gets this secret and returns to the main game, the palette (and even some tiles) become glitched:

- In stage 2, the player can go to the left while inside the ship to get some more items (featured in the second screenshot of the main post), but when the player returns to the ship and tries to exit, the player is spawned one screen too high:

- In stage 6, a new room is added to the left of the area where the player can go up to get the stage 6 treasure. However, if the player goes to the left first, not only is there nothing there (No, really: and I thought this hack was supposed to do something with the empty rooms!), but attempting to go up to get the treasure afterward will result in the player being transported outside the castle and into water, instantly dying.

On top of this, the patch can be really cheap, too. Examples:

- Inside of the stage 2 ship, there’s a pipe on the right, but if the player enters said pipe, the player is sent into the water and dies (and there’s nothing the player can do about it):

- In stage 3, there’s a part where rocks fall down the side of the mountain. In the original game, the first rock fell harmlessly into the water as a warning to the player that more rocks could fall and be harmful. In the patch, the first rock is the only one the player needs to watch out for, but being the first one, it’s also more likely to harm the player.

- A couple screens before the boss of stage 6, the player has to go up a pipe, but a bow-wielding enemy has been placed right in front of the pipe’s exit, forcing the player to take a hit:

The respawn point is also right in front of said bow-wielding enemy, so if the player dies against the boss, he/she is forced to take another hit.

The only parts I can think of that became easier are the treasure corridors (going so far as to make certain puzzles pointless) and the bosses of stage 5 and 6, and while I do appreciate the safe area for the first boss of stage 5, it’s not really worth everything else the patch does (plus, said area removes the challenge from the second boss of stage 5).

CONCLUSION: If you’ve beaten the original and are looking for a “hard mode” of sorts, check this out. However, if you’re looking for a patch that actually does what this patch claims it does, look elsewhere (or just play the original game).

P.S. Something else that I couldn’t quite fit into my current categories: The platforming segment before the boat ride at the beginning of stage 2 has been extended (reducing the time the player has to wait on the boat before avoiding the cannonballs), but an enemy was placed too close to the end and glitches out when the boat appears:

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
False AdvertisingImaynotbehere4long07 Dec 20161.0No