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Super Mario Bros. 3: 2ND RUN

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3


Super Mario Bros. 3: 2ND RUN

Mission of the 2nd Run hack:

A level only hack aimed at re-designing the levels and the worlds of SMB3. No significant graphic changes or game engine changes are done to the game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • CRC32: 2737557C
  • MD5: 504C383643771FC9ED5E2310E2793F91
  • SHA-1: 3C8CC2859B89F8358527DBB249A92FC802DC3767




User Review Information

Considering it's 2004, I liked it.

Reviewed By: AlanJacobs on 03 Dec 2016

To start off, this hack is pretty easy and I consider myself an expert at playing SMB3 but not a master. The level designs are a ‘hit and miss’ for me. Some are very creative while others are too linear though I know how difficult it is to create 70 to 80 good quality levels. It wouldn’t be right for me to compare this 2004 hack to the games released today because Recovery1 had very little reference among the few hacks back then. I respect this hack as one of the first to lead the way for future hackers and level designers.

Good things:

  • Perfect Power-up placements.
  • The ease of gameplay makes it enjoyable.
  • The Level Design: There are definitely a few hidden gems among the levels. (7-7 my favorite)
  • Does well to give that SMB3 experience.
  • I’m a fan of some custom palettes on here.

There are a few hiccups worth noting, however:

  • Stumbled on some misplaced pipe pointers (1-2) and entering a pipe in (6-2) will freeze the game. Though the game is easy, I recommend using savestates just in case that happens.
  • Once in a while, enemies fall from above the screen, no way to see them.
  • Some blinds jumps (though I didn’t die from any of them.)

Overall, Recovery1 did a good job. I can tell the hack wasn’t finished with the world 6 and 7 maps and World 8 being untouched, but it was worth releasing. It was a good experience playing through it.


Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Considering it's 2004, I liked it.AlanJacobs03 Dec 20161.0Yes
Good up until World 8, which is unchanged (VIDEO)ClintPlaysAGame25 Mar 20151.0Yes
Great new set of levels!Employee03 Nov 2014N/AYes