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Shinobi III Enhancement Hack

Hack of Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


This is an enhancement patch for the American version of Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master.

One of the biggest features this patch provides is the ability to emulate a “no-shuriken mode” as used in Shadow Dancer. You can lock and unlock the ability to throw shuriken in the pause menu at any time. In addition to adding interest to an already excellent game, this feature makes it much easier to get the more elusive bonuses.

Other major features include six-button-controller support and more flexible Hassou Shuriken (depicted in some of the screen shots below.)

  • Region lockout disabled.
  • Resetting the game no longer disrupts the display.
  • The Sega logo can now be skipped by pressing Start.
  • Minor textual changes, some ambiguities removed and non-standard spellings corrected.
  • Shuriken lock option added to pause window (press up/down).
  • Shuriken burst now respects the actual number of Shuriken remaining.
  • Shuriken burst is now configurable.
  • Ninjutsu selection is no longer blocked when out of Ninjutsu.
  • A couple of sound effects were put back into the options menu.
  • Character Editor reinstated, albeit with a different activation mechanism.
  • A real soft-reset feature was added to the Character Editor.
  • Six-button controller support enabled.
  • Added a code to raise the amount of Shuriken allowed in-play simultaneously.
  • A fix was added to emulate the European version when in PAL mode.

Please see the readme file for more information.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Shinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master (U) [!].gen
  • CRC32: 5381506F
  • MD5: 691EEFF9C5741724A8751EC0FA9CFBF0
  • SHA-1: 1E07D7998E3048FCFBA4238AE96496460E91B3A5




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Jon NajarHacking

User Review Information

Many New Possibilities! :D

Reviewed By: Little Miss Malicious on 19 Nov 2016

This is basically the sort of mod or patch you’d expect if classic games were consistently updated like newer games are. It takes the game that perfected the classic Shinobi formula and perfects the game itself! Most importantly for me, it makes a particular wall clipping method much more accessible and practical for speed runners and score junkies alike.

I have witnessed a wall clip in speed runs that I was unfortunately unable to figure out for myself. This irked me because it was specifically useful for bypassing the infamous bomb box that requires a shuriken or a jutsu to open for destroying a barrier, thus ruining the possibility of a perfect score for Round 5. Below I shall explain the simplified clip method for people like me who are running this game over and over again to perfect an enjoyable state of flow, as well as those who just want to speed run or get those elusive Round 5 bonuses.

At the end of Round 5, there is a space just to the right of the barrier that you must normally destroy in order to reach the exit. The area to the right looks empty, but it is actually a wall that you can spring off of. You must spring off of it, then quickly perform a melee attack, ensuring that you switch from holding right for the spring jump to holding left while you are doing the attack. This should pass you through the tiny bit of ceiling above you, pushing you through the boundary on the right and into the area that triggers the transition to the next board.

Normally you’d either have to use an advanced and far less reliable clipping method (which I still have no clue how to actually do) or you’d have to throw away all your shurikens, going against the point of a speed run or a perfect score run. That’s why, in my opinion, any Shinobi III runner should prefer the upgraded version of the game that this patch presents. :D

Version 111009 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Best Shinobi 3 Hack! One of the Best Hacks Period!ShinobiWannabe21 Oct 2017111009Yes
Many New Possibilities! :DLittle Miss Malicious19 Nov 2016111009Yes