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Samurai Sword

Family Computer Disk System

Game Description:

Samurai Sword is a graphic adventure title, similar to Shadowgate or Uninvited. Your character is the last remaining warrior who’s fighting against the dark priest Soron, and the game opens with you getting your ass handed to you. You wake up in a forest filled with elves, crazy old geezers, a barkeeper and his daughter. And a bird. Yes, one bird.

Still, I’ve got a soft spot for graphic adventure titles, and as far as the genre goes I’ve played much worse. The graphics are decent, the puzzles are fairly intuitive - I never got stuck for more than five or ten minutes, they’re mostly pretty easy - and although the music can get a little repetitive at times, it’s easy enough to tune it out. It even manages to add a few “fights” to it! I played through the entire first area - the forest - in about half an hour or so, and saved at the start of the second area - a desert - when the game gave me ERR 07 which no doubt was because I hadn’t yet figured out NNNesterJ’s FDS disk swap keys. I’ll probably go back to it now that I know what they are, though! It really is a decent little game, I strongly recommend it!

Translation Description:

This is an English translation of Samurai Sword for the Family Computer Disk System.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Samurai Sword (Japan) [b].fds
  • CRC32: 165FC257 (With Header)
  • MD5: EDF5536F4688FFA25BA2EB52FE763A62
  • SHA-1: 4FBA4C46C1777E4AC6F5C0DD639165939409EAAC
  • SHA-256: 7CF74CAFAF1AC84CDB431612853BAA819943708C0DCC93AC0A8CC9D9F3739D98
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • PATCHED CRC: 0F22335C
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Headerless version of this rom is A6C01D25. You MUST apply this patch to a rom with a header. If you apply it to a headerless version than the screen almost immediately becomes garbled and flashes and freezes on you.
  • Find a rom with a header, or add the header below in a text editor.
  • Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Short but fun adventure title

Reviewed By: Pickle on 01 Nov 2016

Samurai Sword is adventure game where the player must select the correct actions in order to advance through story chapters.

Gameplay: During each chapter the player is allowed to move around to different locations. Puzzles will be given in one location and might require the player to visit other locations that allow it to be solved.

The puzzles never were too difficult and usually with trial and error using the actions the right sequence can be determined. The locations are fairly small and its easy to remember the layout by memory (so no mapping really needed) There are areas or wrong actions that can lead to death. This will just restart you back at the beginning of the current chapter.

The most the significant negative aspect of the game is the play time. Only expect to spend a couple hours to complete. I expect this is because of the limitations of the floppy disk capacity (~130k). I only had to flip the disk image twice, so theres no worry of excessive flipping. I dumped the game with fdsstick and emulated the game with fceux.

Translation: Overall very good. This is especially important since this is a adventure game with little animation. The descriptions are paramount for the player interacting with the game. If the translator had done the least possible it would have made this game something to pass over. But the text is heavy and very descriptive. The layout and alignment of the text was perfect.

Graphics: Theres nothing to get excited about, but its not the worst. The screen layout consists of a small view window, which is usually a static image of the current location. To the right are the available commands and lower right is a picture of the currently used character.

Sound: Again nothing that stands out or that was rememberable. Music was ok and there really arnt sound effects from what i remember.

Controls: the player can select actions from the command menu. It works well enough.

Summary: Overall a good game to try if you have an fds (or you can go about it by other means). This would be a good game for some quick play sessions if your short on time.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Short but fun adventure titlePickle01 Nov 20161.0Yes