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ROM Level editor for Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Game Boy. Edit all parts of every level including bonus rooms! Use the Screen Manager to rearrange and replace screens as well as edit all enemies (apart from the final boss Tatanga), power-ups and pipes. Please note that saving and loading the ROM can take time on older computers - please be patient! Watch the video here: (please note this is the first of a few videos and does not show enemy editing)

Please note that exported .lfd files made with older versions may not import in this version.


User Review Information

Gets the job done nicely for the most part

Reviewed By: Bahamut ZERO on 08 Oct 2016

This editor does a pretty damn good job, allowing you to change levels and enemies with ease. You’re even able to pick and choose which enemies are only visible on Hard Mode (I turned them all off as I want it to be hard mode from the start :D ).

My only real gripe is that the graphics shown in the editor aren’t actually read from ROM, and a user can’t change the graphics shown in the editor themselves if needed.

That means if you get the bright idea to say, change all the background graphics in a world to make your own custom background, you better make a text file of notes to keep track of what is what.

Other than that, it’s a pretty sweet editor!

Version 1.4.6 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Gets the job done nicely for the most partBahamut ZERO08 Oct 20161.4.6Yes