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Seirei Gari

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Seirei Gari is an adventure game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Translation Description:

  • Seirei Gari Translation Patch
  • The original game is Seirei Gari c. 1989 by Hudson Soft licensed for the NES Famicom. This title translates as “Ghost Hunter” which is a Deja Vu or Shadowgate type adventure game. This translation patch was created so that you could play this game in English on an eight-bit Nintendo Entertainment system emulator.

    Mike (or otherwise known as Michimune in Japanese) with the help of Professor Kiyojo must rescue his girlfriend Miu from the nefarious clutches of the phantom of Christian Rosencreutz. Travel to a haunted manor, mystic ruins of Asuka, and to the mythical land of Shambala in order to uncover the mysterious trail.

    ROM / ISO Information:

    • Seirei Gari (J).nes - GOODNES (3.14)
    • CRC32: 32FD86BB
    • MD5: B8155F992E7AB4663C92DB901AD66E4E
    • SHA-1: 08D312A9529FE4F0552A91980FED86D1CB1C312A


    Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


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    User Review Information

    The Things a Man has to Endure for Love

    Reviewed By: Cahos Rahne Veloza on 24 Oct 2009

    It’s your Girlfriend’s 18th birthday & though “technically” 18 isn’t a great age to get married her Grandfather’s all too delighted to hand over his grand daughter to you, just like that or is it!?

    In the middle of the joyous occasion the Ghost of a hundred year old Sicko interrupts & takes off with your girl. Holy crap! The nerve of that douche!

    Her grandfather dies in the ensuing fight & you wake up in a Hospital where Professor Kiyojo who happens to know of this Rosencreutz fellow asks to join you in finding your abducted Girlfriend.

    That’s basically the premise of this game, the typical save the damsel in distress & later SCORE! cliche & for the most part it works :)

    You play this game in a visual novel style gameplay similar to something like Shadowgate or Dejavu, stumbling inside a mansion, exploring caves & speaking to townsfolk in order to find clues & tools that will help you get to the Mystical land of Shambala where Rosencreutz has your Girlfriend.

    This game would definitely be hard to play if it were not translated to English seeing as there are instances you need to talk to people & Kiyojo in order to progress.

    As for the game’s difficulty per se, it is a bit on the easy side if you ask me, the things you need to do are not that difficult to comprehend, except maybe for several puzzles that may stump you for a bit, but thankfully Kiyojo often gives you helpful hints at times so you really won’t get too frustrated about a particular puzzle for long.

    My only complain about the game is you don’t get to die a lot in it :( Unlike with say Shadowgate where there’s a lot of things that could screw you over & kill you. In this game, I only encountered to things that killed me & both of them are in rooms that have puzzles in them.

    Now about the Translation patch itself, it is quite good actually :) The only thing that fell short was a short dialogue near the end that said “Let’s return Miu, soot it will dawn”, which sounds off but is forgivable seeing the translator didn’t have enough space to fit the word “be” in.

    There is a bit of issues with the translation though, the “Game Over” screen’s text is garbled, though you probably won’t see the game over screen unless you screw up those two puzzles I screwed up on which isn’t really a major deal anyway. And at the end of the game, the names of the game’s publishers aren’t aligned correctly, again not a big deal really.

    So should I recommend you folks to download this patch? A Definitely resounding YES!

    Recommended - Yes

    User Reviews
    The Things a Man has to Endure for LoveCahos Rahne Veloza24 Oct 2009N/AYes