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Mario Bros.: The Revenge

Hack of Mario Bros.


Here’s a hack of “Mario Bros” for the NES 8-bit. It adds a few new features:

  • New intro cutscene
  • Somewhat modified attack waves
  • Game B is now much harder! Try it if you dare. :)
  • Coins are now valuables. Gather 25 of these to get an extra life.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • MD5 : 8d8e0b86dd870302bf4a994e76c55c83
  • CRC32 : a6de1b55




User Review Information

New gameplay in Mario Bros!

Reviewed By: Mitsukara on 17 Jun 2016

I think this may be the only gameplay-altering hack of this game!

Collecting coins for 1-ups is a nice idea, and makes extended gameplay a bit easier. For some reason, hitting a slipice also adds 1 coin. It may appear that you only have three lives (due to the number of Mario heads) when you actually have more; I think this is a holdover from the original game.

Mode B makes all enemies turn blue/pink immediately when they appear from the pipes, adding a whole new level of challenge to this game for experts.

Cool stuff, lots of fun.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
New gameplay in Mario Bros!Mitsukara17 Jun 20161.0Yes