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Revenge of the Red Falcon

Hack of Contra


Revenge of the Red Falcon is a hack of Contra on the NES. The difficulty level is quite high, a lot more than the original game. So be prepared to test your skills…

All 8 levels were completely modified and extended. The graphics are the same, but some levels have different colors. The Intro Screen was redesigned, and the Ending Credits are different…

Enemy AI was heavily modified through ASM code modification and new code created from scratch. Enemies attack faster and more often, move faster, or behave in more random patterns. Many enemies have higher HP, too. Bosses are very tough…

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Contra (U) [!].nes - GoodNES
  • CRC32: C50A8304
  • MD5: 7BDAD8B4A7A56A634C9649D20BD3011B
  • SHA-1: C9EA66BB7CB30AD5343F1721B1D4D3219859319B




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User Review Information

This Is How To Challenge a Pro Contra Player!

Reviewed By: FreightMan71 on 05 May 2016

I won’t reiterate too much on what was said about the game by the previous reviewers. Both players made very good points, one about the design and challenge and the other about game being fun, though still somewhat cheap.

That all said, I will add that although some areas may SEEM cheap, the designer of Red Falcon DID leave room for the player to dodge and/or escape if they have their wits about them.

And THAT is all I really ask for in a challenging game: Tough but fair….kick my ass, but leave me with a sense that I want to come back and try again.

And that is exactly what I have been doing with this game lately. Unlike the previous reviewers, I JUST NOW am getting to the Stage 1 Boss…..

I was going to wait to finish the game before giving it a full review, but decided the game will kick my head in for far too long, and the previous guys had already outlined the game pretty well (from what I’ve seen myself in the first LOOONG stage, it matches so far what has been said about it…don’t see any reason the rest of the game wouldn’t follow suit), so I decided to chime in.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves Contra, but has beaten the other versions on NES to death already.

Yes, the challenge is definitely there, but wily players will realize the tactics they need to employ in short order…it’s just a matter of “Are you fast moving and fast thinking enough?”

Despite having my head handed to me several times, I find myself coming back to this game, trying to get further and further, even keeping track, score-wise, how I’ve been doing, and just working on being fast on the controller.

Unlike other hacks, there aren’t too many “must get hit” moments here (although from what I’ve read MAYBE the later stages have a couple…..or maybe a previous player simply “wasn’t fast enough!” hehe…

At any rate, thumbs up, good stuff, and I will continue on and eventually…someday…somehow, be able to beat this thing without using save states…..and have fun the entire time doing so!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
This Is How To Challenge a Pro Contra Player!FreightMan7105 May 20161.0Yes
What a great hack albeit dirtysleepy07 Feb 20161.0Yes
My Favourite Hack of All TimeTheLuigiLightning17 Jan 20161.0Yes