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Salamander - Arrangement Chronicle DELTA

Hack of Life Force


Here is a hack for Salamander which gives it a little bit of the arcade look to this NES version. Palettes are changed on all the stages to match the arcade version and the options are re-sized to what they originally were. Also the ship looks more like its arcade counter part.

An option menu has been added where you can adjust lives, continues, game difficulty, and run a sound test.

The mapper also has been upgraded to an MMC5 one.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Salamander (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: BF822264
  • MD5: 7A7039C30D9C5CE48BF9022E894C0FFA
  • SHA-1: A4765F3C10D56D0A727B2209C83768807F36C666
  • SHA-256: FCE0E800062BB97FA6F583F6AF2799771D5D5DECF31AA336812FFB75D527169E




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Awesome Conversion...Except For....

Reviewed By: FreightMan71 on 06 Apr 2016

Long time Life Force / Salamander player (mostly on the NES though…not so much in the arcade).

I just recently discovered the joys of playing the full blown arcade versions of this fine game, but since the NES is my childhood video game system, I always look to play games on that whenever possible.

This conversion of the arcade crammed into an NES game, is simply put, awesome!

I’ve always found the difficulty of Life Force / Salamander on the NES to be a bit on the easy side once you got all the power ups (relatively mind you…game can still kick your head in…especially if you LOSE said powerups late in the game), so the ability to make the game harder via the new options menu was very welcome.

Now, for my “Except For”:

The status/power up/ score bar at the bottom of the screen shakes A LOT! I tried playing through it, but maybe it’s just me, but I found it hard to ignore, very distracting, and after a bit of prolonged play, even started to hurt my eyes a bit.

Any fix for this?

I am recommending this patch…but only if people can somehow ignore the shaking of the status bar below. I am torn on this.

I really, REALLY like this patch….I just wish that problem didn’t exist as I can’t see myself playing this for long periods of time on a regular basis like I would the standard NES Salamander.

EDIT: After spending some time with the patched game and my emulator (FCUEX v2.2.2), I have discovered that the setting “New PPU” alleviates the ’shaking problem’.

By default, the emulator runs the ‘old ppu’ graphics engine, and I have not had a problem on the setting till I found this game and patch.

Nevertheless, it appears the author DID do a good job with this patch and I can fully recommend this to others, with my apologies to Hiroki.

I don’t know if this is a problem with other emus or with real hardware, but the patch is fully functional.

Kudos to the author!

Version 0.7 Delta Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great Arcade Conversion!Peepus17 Dec 20170.8a DeltaYes
Awesome Conversion...Except For....FreightMan7106 Apr 20160.7 DeltaYes