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General Leo Edition

Hack of Final Fantasy III


This hack alters events of the game such that General Leo joins the party after the events at Thamasa in the World of Balance. The story has been tweaked in various ways so that this development makes sense in context. Shadow is demoted to “guest character” status in order to make room for Leo.

Leo is a fully-realized party member. His gear can be changed, he can equip relics and Espers, he can learn spells, he has a unique Desperation Attack, he has his own “rejoining” scenario in the World of Ruin, and he has his own scene during the ending.

Other changes include: new scenes and more screen time for minor characters, many new equipment items, the restoration of the dummied rages, modified shops and treasure chest contents, and more.

We are currently on Version 3.3, the seventh release of this hack. This release introduces new minor/optional story content, new townspeople, corrections to typos and minor graphical glitches, and other small adjustments. Please see the readme for details. And thank you to everyone who tried this hack!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.1) [!]
  • Unmodified ROM CRC32: 326CF6A2
  • Patch Applied CRC32: 5285953B




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User Review Information

Even better than the original game!

Reviewed By: thepatrickinator on 08 Mar 2016

We had to say goodbye to ninjas because they are very weak to play as in the original games, and they aren’t that important in storylines to begin with. You’re finishing what Square intended to do but was short lived due to deadlines and that’s why we were stuck with weak ninja characters in the original games. This is when you came in and improved the original Final Fantasy games by adding sprites to new playable characters and giving them their time to shine. For example, Golbez joins the party after he breaks from Zemus’ curse and General Leo joins the party after Kefka kills Shadow. People felt disappointed playing as Edge in the original Final Fantasy IV and that’s why adding Golbez to the team made many Final Fantasy players happy. Also, having General Leo survive Kefka’s attack on Thamasa is wonderful and they get to enjoy having him kill Kefka making it an moment they’ll never forget. Well done!

Version 3.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Even better than the original game!thepatrickinator08 Mar 20163.2Yes
Made me feel like I was playing for the first time all over again.Endymian24 Dec 20153.1Yes
A great hack making a gamer's dream come true !Ligeia19 Nov 2014N/AYes
A Tasteful Twist on a ClassicWiseman05 Dec 2013N/AYes