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Duck Hunt VS (NES-patch)

Hack of Duck Hunt (VS)


This patch makes “Duck Hunt (VS)” (VS-unisystem, arcade version) playable on a real NES.


  • Patched to use mapper 1 instead of odd mapper 99.
  • VS-Zapper emulation
  • VS-Zapper theft-detection-alarm cracked. :)
  • Coin-insert emulation by pressing “Start” on gamepad in port 1.
  • Highscore saving
  • Dipswitch settings screen to alter game parameters.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Duck Hunt (VS).nes




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Morgan JohanssonHacking

User Review Information

Nice Simple Patch

Reviewed By: FreightMan71 on 08 Mar 2016

I’ve always felt the original NES Duck Hunt to be a rather simple game. Not bad, just a nice little time waster.

Now, I play my NES games on an emulator (FCEUX Ultra) and for all intents and purposes, that IS my “real NES”.

My mouse becomes my zapper, and because ‘pointing’ to a duck rather than aiming at it with a real zapper is easier, I slowed down my pointer speed and moved the dipswitches to a more difficult setting.

End result is a nice little CHALLENGING time waster….and a damned fun one at that.

Not sure how well this works on an actual NES as the author claims (don’t see why it wouldn’t work well), but it does what it says via emulator and that is good enough for me.

Thank you for turning a ho-hum emulated game into a much nicer challenging diversion for me.

Version 1.61 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice portingszemigi27 Feb 20181.61Yes
Nice Simple PatchFreightMan7108 Mar 20161.61Yes