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Final Fantasy Legend of the 7th King

Hack of Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy Legend of the 7th King is a really hard hack that focus on patience and skill. Changes included:

  • New enemy colors.
  • New enemy stats including gold, experience, enemy attack, hp, status etc.
  • New villages.
  • New enemy locations.
  • All of the over world map has been changed.
  • All the sprites have new text.
  • New weapons and shops.
  • New storyline.
  • New magic for the light warrior.

Yes a lot of stuff has been changed in this hack!! Try it and enjoy!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: AB12ECE6
  • MD5: 9B0F042CFDC5F9E8200B47104A4768A9
  • SHA-1: 80CE108FBC066C985D4FB541BD68E9A7C8994FEB
  • SHA-256: D360BEEEE19A69D1C92D02292167C57F2D3CA8405B79101FC8C2F39DEA549667




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
The SlothHacking

User Review Information

Too Many Bugs and Other Oddities

Reviewed By: Drag0nwind on 06 Dec 2015

Where to start?

For anyone considering this hack, I will say up front that I believe the Airship is not configured correctly. After searching for five to six hours, I gave up. Out of curiosity, I downloaded FFHackster and found the Airship in an area I already explored. I right-clicked on it and the Raise Airship option was NOT selected. After checking this off, I could access the Airship. Until this is fixed by the author, the hack cannot be finished.

I wish that were all though. I could not find where to use the Lute or find the Oasis. I did not bother checking with Hackster. It’s possible these these weren’t configured properly either.. not sure.

There are also many other glitches and bugs that plague this hack. In several areas, after exiting a battle, the menu or the formation menu, the game kind of “hangs” for literally 15-20 seconds until you see your character and can move again. Imagine how annoying this is in a dungeon when you’re getting poisoned, needing to heal and doing battles.

The list goes on. There are other strange things like an enemy encounter on the west coast with.. nothing.. and when you select it in combat, the game locks up. On top of everything, the dialogue contains so many spelling and grammar errors that it’s painful.

I did have some fun playing though and there is much to like about this hack. I read pianophile’s review and was intrigued, since I like a good challenge.

I agree that the overworld is sweet, I like the Dragon Warrior tiles and the progression of the game is cool. You have to run back and forth across the land to explore. The North castle indeed is bugged with the exit. Not sure if it’s intentional or not. You can also access a dungeon by exiting and entering the top two tiles of the castle. There IS an Inn in the castle, so you can save and reset the game in order to appear outside again.

I don’t mind the price of the shops at all. And truly, some enemies seem a little overpowered at the beginning though. You might have to restart until you get a couple Gloks, Zombies if you have Dia and eventually you can snipe Bio Worms for a fat stack of cash. Once you level up a bit, things are much easier. There is also a “hidden” weapon for the mage which helps out quite a bit early on.

The story seems cool and there is some humorous dialogue also. Save state is definitely unneeded, but you have to be patient in the beginning and make smart use of Tents. The difficulty and prices I had no problems with. In fact, I like that it is this way. The beginning is tough, but oh well. It’s an RPG.. you have to slowly make progress.

Anyway, this is longer than expected.

I had a lot of fun with 7th King, but it needs a bit of work. Check the Airship, and possibly the Oasis and Lute mountain. For goodness sake, have someone proofread and test the hack too.

I agree with pianophile’s review: it’s really a shame, because it looks like a lot of work into it. I’d be interested in starting a new quest for 7th King if the author creates an updated release.

Thanks for the fun game, all things considered.

  • Update:

I spoke to the author through youtube and he mentioned that this 1.0 is, of course, the original version and that he created a completely revamped new 7th King hack. His channel is Heroes of Xanadu - Sloth, if anyone is interested in the newest edition. Seems he just left this version on RHDN to collect dust.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Too Many Bugs and Other OdditiesDrag0nwind06 Dec 20151.0No
Requires a bit of further playtestingpianophile29 Jul 2012N/ANo