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Rockman Exile

Hack of Mega Man 2


Despite the name this is actually a Mega Man 2 hack, which translates it back into Japanese and adds a ton of cool features. To put it simply, this is a new Mega Man 2, the only things that still exist from the original are the robot masters, and even they’ve been changed in terms of fighting style.

Don’t take anything for granted in this hack, those weak rabbit robots in Wood Man’s stage? They shoot instant death fireballs now. Sniper Joes? In addition to their normal fighting style they also fire Crash Bombs are you!

It should also be pointed out that the music has been changed, this is very rare in ROM hacks, it seems some of it comes from the Game Boy Mega Man games and some comes from other NES titles.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Mega Man 2 (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 5E268761
  • MD5: 8E4BC5B03FFBD4EF91400E92E50DD294
  • SHA-1: 2290D8D839A303219E9327EA1451C5EEA430F53D
  • SHA-256: 49136B412FF61BEAC6E40D0BBCD8691A39A50CD2744FDCDDE3401EED53D71EDF




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Blast HornetHacking

User Review Information

Awful to hear

Reviewed By: Timaeus on 24 Nov 2015

Well,the description says that the hack have new musics, and that is rare to find. Well, is true. But the musics, oh the musics are so…….. AWFUL!

If is rare to find, so why not made a GOOD work with then?

Like I said in MM2 ultra review, musics that come from other mm games is what breaks the soundtrack of any mm hack. If you want to know why, then read my mm ultra review, I´ll not repeat that again.

I can`t say how much I HATE musics that came from other mm games(except from x6 maybe). I could only play your hack in mute.(That’s why Minimum, Final Mix, Claw, GX VER musics rules, and why? Because they are from other games, easy as that.)

Not only because of that. Is also because they are very annoying to hear. Their melody is so broken and f…s up with it entirely. So yeah, I had 2 reasons to hate the music of this hack.

BUT, at least, everything else is ok, so we can enjoy the gameplay (in mute at least).

You guys don´t have to agree with my opinions, but that is what I think about this hack.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Rockman Exile - GOODDobu_GM19 Apr 20191.0Yes
Definitely Under-Appreciatedkagerato02 May 20171.0Yes
Pretty hard, but well crafted.Kallisto08 Feb 20171.0Yes
One of my favorite hard Mega Man 2 hacks!8.bit.fan03 Nov 20161.0Yes
Awful to hearTimaeus24 Nov 20151.0No
Ouch, my ears...Yoshiatom28 Dec 2013N/ANo