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Green Dizzy

Hack of The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy


Redesigned all locations in game, changed several colors, few tiles and key items/stars position.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (USA) (Unl).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 59318584
  • SHA-1: 8700CB469BA4E0F7BBC04A6AB6F6CE06D9009513
  • SHA-256: 6AC7F74D73D1D6937AF1D9D25AD9F2931ED935AE820465F5A44D4A71BE613C79




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

The only and best Fantastic Dizzy hack!

Reviewed By: megaman_powered_down on 23 Nov 2010

This is best Dizzy hack I have ever seen.

Well, actually… it’s the only Dizzy hack. It puts a new level design, changes some palettes, places items into different locations and makes this game VERY hard! Too bad, but this hack don’t provide you any new graphics and music/sound, still, let’s give it a chance. :)

Firstly, level design of some levels is very good(like Yolkfolk forest, Zaks Castle or even Mines), while others are not so great(like beach and underwater). Fruits are often placed in visible spots and easy to rech spots. However, items, are sometimes placed in not so clear, or really hard to reach positions(like Roast chicken, Plank and Rusty spade!) Luckily it’s not so often.

Hack changes some colors in game, Dizzy decided to change his gloves color from red to orange, the wild boar that was once blue is now green… Even Zaks himself decided to repaint his castle into green. Best of this recoloring is new mornings and evenings! These are far more better than in original!

Most of items is in different locations now, so sorry, you can’t remember where what item is. Unlucky hack don’t change puzzles itself(except for dylan and Prince) so when you get an item you know what to do with it(assuming you already played Fantastic Dizzy).

Lastly Dizzy Green is HARD, Very HARD, not only you start with 1 life(instead of 3), but also enemies are now placed in really frustrating way. For example: If you get hit by wild boar at the left part of Volkfolk village I can guarantee you death. Why is that? It’s because there’s a little spider that will eat you while you’ll be confused(you can’t move…). There’s a lot of this kind of situations, so you will die frequently.

Unfortunelly, hack have some occasional bugs: I was unable to exit Dizzy hut once, and other time after throwing 3 stones into water(in Zakeria level), something messed up and water level didn’t raise. Also, another bad thing about is is that it’s hack of “blue” version of Fantastic Dizzy-Dizzy walks terribly slow, this makes game even more hard and frustrating…




Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The only and best Fantastic Dizzy hack!megaman_powered_down23 Nov 2010N/AYes