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Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance Patch

Hack of Secret of Evermore


This patch has one main objective, and is making the game much more enjoyable on the gameplay side. Loads of tweaks to avoid mass grinding and to have a fairly challenging game in front of us in every moment.

This patch is made on IPS format. The patch include several changes, from monster stats to a shared weapon and spell script to make powering those much more easy.

Tested on the SoE 2 Player Edition hack and it works fine.

The 1.1 version enhance previous balance mechanics solving some minor bugs, modify boss magic power, an alchemy overhaul, covers most common exploits, adds a few extra monsters on the latter part of the game (one completely new) and solve a few known bugs.

For author insert routines and news visit site.

UPDATE: New version also for Spanish version, and hard mode for both United States and Spanish versions.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • IPS versions compatible with Spanish and United states version of the game. Compatible for both headered and non-headered roms. Compatible multiplayer third party patch (not supporting this combination though).
  • Secret of Evermore US (Original Version):
  • Checksum: CC3D
  • Headered ROM MD5: 64F5639BCC46A2393E170E222A0D046
  • Unheadered ROM MD5: 6E9C94511D04FAC6E0A1E582C170BE3A
  • Secret of Evermore ES (Original Version):
  • Checksum: 7813
  • Headered ROM MD5: 8CE4F4EC4D234CF751D97797BBA00DE2
  • Unheadered ROM MD5: F6516A3B18C262EC00CD4348921C3897




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Good idea, but unfortunately the bosses are ridiculously hard

Reviewed By: Bregalad on 04 Aug 2015

This hack sounded very promising and like it was really improving the game. It’s better feature is without a doubt the shared weapon and magic EXP. So if you level up a “sword” weapon, that will apply immediately to the next “sword” weapon. Magic is regrouped in categories and using any magic within a category will level up all magic of that particular category.

This is a very good idea and should have been present in the original game. Nobody wants to level up each spell independently, and do not want to use new weapons which are less powerful than old ones!

To compensate for that the author decided he would make other parts of the game harder - which I do not have an issue with. Enemies have more HP and charged attacks do less big damage, also the level ups mentionned earlier are slower and the dogs level his attack slower. I do not have any particular problem with that.

However a major problem is the bosses. They are just insane: The swamp boss (the second of the game) took me literally more than 30 minutes to beat, so much he had HP! I was very lucky because of course this implies stocking on healing items and magic as much as possible to survive in the long, very long, run. After two or three tries I could beat him with a lot of luck, after having exhausted all my healing items and magic (which were stocked up to the maximum possible before the fight).

Unfortunately the 3rd boss, the lava golem, isn’t so easy. Even after fighting him for 30 minutes he still won’t die, as he regenerate by swimming in lava, and you do very little damage to him. Using the non-patched ROM with the same save, I could beat the boss in one minute.

So I recommend either not using that patch, or using it only for some portions of the game, but definitely not for boss fights. Making boss fights 100 times more difficult really kills what could have been a good hack.

Version 1.1 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Nice but includes game breaking bugAdarkar29 Jun 20191.1No
Good idea, but unfortunately the bosses are ridiculously hardBregalad04 Aug 20151.1No
The Good and the Badmagictrufflez01 May 20151.1Yes
Improves upon the original gametking7779810 Oct 2010N/AYes