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This is an all in one utility written by Bongo’ of Stealth Translations (now Dynamic Designs). It’s becoming the preferred base ROM hacking tool as of late 2006 (updated as of 2018). It’s many features include table making & handling support, script dumping & inserting, DTE, IPS making, UNICODE viewing ability, and several custom SNES related functions. Definitely one of the best all in one hex editors available!

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If your Hex Values, Offset Values, and Status Bar text overrun or exceed the boundary lines or columns in this program please check your Font or Text settings in Control Panel and verify that they are on original size settings. Enlarging of font sizes within Control Panel may cause text to exceed or spillover these lines or boundaries of the program which will make using this utility more difficult.


User Review Information

A great tool but could be even better!

Reviewed By: mrrichard999 on 27 Jul 2015

This is a very powerful tool to use for translating not only Japanese ROMS but also PC games as well. The options that come with this program make editing much easier than your standard hex editor. It also comes with the ability to load 2 table files at once with a quick swap.

This is a must have for anyone involved with ROM hacking.

Unfortunately this utility was intended for translating Japanese ROMS for the most part but it could be much greater for translating PC games of other languages if it included the option of using other Unicode letters of Russian, Korean, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. If the author comes across this review I would hope that it would be possible to add these features into the program. It would greatly encourage translations of programs of other languages and greatly speed up the process of doing so as well.

Version 2005.4.20 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
It lacks two thingsRaidouJFlo09 Mar 20162005.4.20Yes
A great tool but could be even better!mrrichard99927 Jul 20152005.4.20Yes
My Hex-Editor of choiceKaioShin02 Aug 2009N/AYes