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Pizza Time

Hack of BurgerTime


Pizza Time - a new version of Burger Time (NES)

Includes - 6 new levels, with mostly new graphics - double speed movements - slightly further pepper throwing - a slightly extended music sound-track (and in tune, the original notes are not in tune) - plays better than the original

Update: A bug was fixed, which was causing errors and game crashes(random resets) in some emulators. (Jan 20, 2016)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Burger Time (USA)
  • CRC32 516549F9
  • MD5 924F89AAD439DB0ADA794E23075D649F
  • SHA-1 98D432FB86FC1DAC95C80180FC3AE51198569091




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User Review Information

Pizzas are tasty, just like burgers!

Reviewed By: Quick Curly on 12 Jul 2015

Review for “Pizza Time” (BurgerTime NES hack by dougeff - Patch Version 1.0)

As soon as I saw this new hack get published to the site on the morning of July 9, 2015, I downloaded it immediately. I already knew that this most recently completed project from the extremely talented dougeff would be revolutionary and amazing!

On a hacking level, it’s a great accomplishment when you take into consideration that there is limited documentation for this game, no specific utilities to work with, and the level format was not previously investigated, at least to the point of successfully reaching a point of public acknowledgement for simplifying the modification process of Peter Pepper’s burger preparations.

On a playing level, it presents a new, refreshing experience to an arcade classic! I remember when I first discovered this game in a multi-cart at a young age, and it proved to be a game worth revisiting time and time again over the years. Although, it always did feel like Peter might have been eating one too many of the burgers that he was piecing together. However, with this original hack, Peter appears to be a healthier version of his old self, as he can now manage to outrun those nasty rogue ingredients!

In addition, the new music brings delightful and exciting new life and sound to the table, in my personal opinion.

It’s truly quite amazing what this hack establishes for players and hackers alike throughout the whole gaming and ROM hacking community. Every completed project starts out from nothing but a dream, a vision, an intention; but it takes the time and patience that few in this time and age have anymore to commit to successfully seeing their hopes and motives through to the end!

The readme does also mention that the disassembly for this version is available upon request, which I always have high respect for when there are those so enthusiastic, dedicated, and giving that, even after gifting the community with a new hack or translation for our playing enjoyment, they’re still the kind of person who wants to help move more projects forward by sharing their knowledge and experience with those who can further benefit from as much information as possible.

I’m actually of the mindset that every little bit of information is so helpful to have, but I feel bad if we as recipients cannot live up to the generosity and effectiveness of the hard work and countless hours invested in achieving such points. Specifically, if such information goes unused or is not as appreciated as it should be. I do feel, and hope, that if there are those who request it (or if dougeff decides to effectively release his notes to the public for all and people come to acquire it), it is because they are dedicated enough and are willing to commit to a new project of BurgerTime, or possibly even any other game in general with which the lessons and mindsets can be carried over to.

Congratulations to dougeff for such a super special awesomely excellent and thorough release, which I highly recommend to everyone; whether you’re familiar with BurgerTime or not, and even with any console version of the original game, and for general gamers and hackers alike. This release proves that a comprehensive project of any game is truly possible, by any given individual who is willing and interested enough to just start digging in!

In the meantime, you can dig in and enjoy all the tastes, sights, and sounds of Pizza Time, a landmark hack for a classic game!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Pizzas are tasty, just like burgers!Quick Curly12 Jul 20151.0Yes