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Pokemon Platinum Evolution Editor

Game Specific


Pokemon Platinum (E) Evolution Editor (Level, Item, Happiness, etc.)


User Review Information

Buggy and Amateurish at Best

Reviewed By: wildgoosespeeder on 27 May 2015

It seems someone had a knack for ROM hacking but was terrible at designing an appropriate interface or new to interface design or something. Why is there a picture of Shaymin? It is a Generation IV Pokémon, but a better image would be Giratina, the Pokémon Platinum Version mascot, if an image needs to be there (most likely no). The image is all stretched, aspect ratio of the original image is not maintained, and looks terrible. The application’s icon isn’t really appropriate either. There are stylized interfaces, but this doesn’t fit that category. It’s just a bunch of random assets pushed together into one application that barely functions as a ROM hacking utility. Yeah, the application is prone to crashing probably due to subroutines not programmed to prevent typical crashes. Needs major refinement.

Version 2.00 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Buggy and Amateurish at Bestwildgoosespeeder27 May 20152.00No