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Hyrule Magic

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A Legend of Zelda 3 editor


User Review Information

Nice Program

Reviewed By: Dogeritos on 03 Feb 2015

This program is pretty good. I’d consider it user-friendly. All a beginner needs to do is either look up a tutorial on the internet, or the Help section of the program itself. I’d say it’s definitely better than Black Magic… You can edit dungeons, the overworld, palettes, and on version .963, they make editing the other graphics easier (although YY-CHR is the way to go for your graphics editing). Sometimes, it’ll do some funky glitches, but they hardly ever happen. All on all, it’s a good program, for beginners, and intermediate Zelda 3 hackers.

Version 0.962 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The best Zelda III editorSunGodPortal29 Jan 20160.964Yes
Nice ProgramDogeritos03 Feb 20150.962Yes
Excellent! But neds s workAppleDash9828 Apr 2014N/AYes