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Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II

Hack of Super Mario World


Here it is, 8 months after Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode I, isaix finally released Super Mario World: The Lost Adventure - Episode II.

This hack features:

  • 79 new levels(more than the original SMW)
  • Over 100 custom music
  • Custom graphics
  • New boss fights
  • New power ups
  • Custom palettes
  • A bit harder than the original game
  • Redesigned Overworld Map
  • And more…

7/16/2015 V1.1 update:

The main reason for this update is to make some of the difficult levels a bit easier to go through, because some levels turned out to be a bit harder than originally intended. Here’s the list of changes:

  • Some Levels were edited to be easier
  • Some of the slowdowns were removed
  • Extra time was added to most speedrun levels
  • Some palettes were altered
  • The levels “Dark Matter Factory” and “Dark Factory -Hard-” were renamed “Gear Foundry” and “Gear Foundry (Hard)” and the level “Hornet Garden” was renamed “Hornet Factory”
  • Minor changes were made to further connect Episode 2 to Episode 3
  • 1ups and Powerups were added in some levels
  • The level Metal Saw Base is now a red dot on the overworld map like originally intended
  • An extra patch was added to prevent Yoshi to exit levels
  • And other minor changes were made

Have fun!!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
  • CRC32: A31BEAD4
  • MD5: DBE1F3C8F3A0B2DB52B7D59417891117
  • SHA-1: 553CF42F35ACF63028A369608742BB5B913C103F




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Second Verse, Different than the First

Reviewed By: GabrielJohn on 12 Jan 2015

(Note: For those who have not played this Hack before, be wary of Spoilers)

First off, I found this to be another very Well Done Hack. I will try to be as Descriptive as I can, but don’t expect much.

Level Design: 9/10 I was amazed at the Creativity of the Levels. I mean, really…the Hornet Garden. That made me LOL. Anyways, the Levels were very Creative and provided a Rather Large Challenge (at least, for me). I even Laughed at the Fact some of the Levels said you can’t save, yet I could use Save-states & Rewinds, if Necessary. But why is Level Design a 9 and not 10? Level Design lost One Point because even though the Switch Palaces were better than Episode 1, and, to my Knowledge, none of the Levels had places where you had to take a Hit to Progress, there was still “Race Against the Clock” Levels, which I am not fond of. The “Race Against the Clock” Levels, just like The Lost Adventure Episode 1, are Brutally Hard. Other than that, Though, I found the Levels to be very Solidly Built.

Overworld/Sub-World Design: 10/10 The Overworld & Sub-Worlds (Worlds 8, 10, 12, 14, Lost World, Home), in my Opinion, were very Solidly Built. Lots of Twisty, Turny Paths (which I like a Lot), and Lots of Pipes and Stars to send you to the Next Area. Another well done job for the Maps.

Graphics/ExGraphics: 10/10 The Graphics/ExGraphics in this Hack are Phenomenal, just like Episode 1. Having a Hornet Man Background in World 9, a Rocky Canyon Background in World 11, and even Retro Backgrounds, along with 3D(?) Backgrounds in the Lost World. This Hack’s Creator did an Extraordinary Job with the GFX/ExGFX.

Sprites: 10/10 The Sprites were very Fun & some were Rather Silly. I’m sorry, but Wario as a Boss…that made me LOL. Anyways, Silliness Aside, the Sprites were Great. Fighting Clawgrip in World 9, Fighting Master Hand in the Lost World, and even Fighting Wart and Bowser Junior in the Home World. I really had Fun with this. Excellent Job.

Music Choice: 10/10 The Music were well Placed in this Hack & Fit the Theme of each and every Level. I was very Happy to hear the Air Man Theme & the Megaman 2 Skull Castle 1 Theme. It really fit the Themes of in the Sky & final Showdown. This Hack’s Creator did a Sensational Job with the Music Choice.

Final Score: 49/50 (98% Good Hack) Overall, despite the 1 Lost Mark, this Hack is a Blast & I would Definitely Recommend it for anyone who is new to SMW & SMW Hacking. I Guarantee that you will get a Huge Amount of Enjoyment from The Lost Adventure Episode 2. Make sure you play The Lost Adventure Episode 1 first, though.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Just play it alreadyTimaeus06 Dec 20151.1Yes
Second Verse, Different than the FirstGabrielJohn12 Jan 20151.0Yes
A great way to lose your hair, seriouslySparkbomber03 Jun 2013N/AYes
VIP-likecurses27 May 2013N/AYes