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An SPC-700 APU cross assembler by the maker of xkas. You best be using this if you’re doing any SPC-700 hacking or homebrew programming!


User Review Information

Obsolete and incomplete

Reviewed By: Bregalad on 07 Dec 2014

This assembler is not bad in itself, but is very incomplete. There is no way to use labels to declare variables, so you’ll have to write raw RAM locations. This is therefore not useful for writing a sound engine, but is enough if you just want to code a small test for the SPC.

The author released a new assembler named bass, which is what you are supposed to use. Unfortunately the code is not compatible with this assembler (despite both having been coded by the same guy, byuu). Therefore if you want to code a sound engine I recommend to use bass instead.

Version .01 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Obsolete and incompleteBregalad07 Dec 2014.01No