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Star Ocean

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Star Ocean is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo. This is the original version of the PSP game Star Ocean: First Depature.

Translation Description:

Much, much better than the last patch, this is for all intents and purposes a complete translation. However, there are a few things missing (Yes/No balloons, elemental icons) and as such it’s not yet a truly “Complete” translation. Another patch should be out in the future that resolves all these issues.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Star Ocean (J) [!].smc
  • MD5: D686BA6DF942084216393ADA009126DC
  • SHA-1: A616EE3466256482BC0ADC11F1FDA7C30E66EF8D
  • SHA-256: EFAE37BE832D0EA1490784D57BEF00761A8BF0B5BCEF9C23F558E063441C3876


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Dark ForceHackingGame Programming, Graphics Editing, Utility Programming, & Graphics Decompression Packs
AnusPHackingGame Programming
TomatoTranslationEnglish Translation & Script Editing
AkujinTranslationEnglish Translation
Script Editing/RevisionScript Editing & Editing/Testing Coordination
BisqwitHackingUtility Programming, Graphics Editing, & Beta Testing
Hades ShingamiGraphicsGraphics Editing
LifeBloodScript Editing/RevisionScript Editing
ZsKnightGraphicsGraphics Decompression Packs
The DumperGraphicsGraphics Decompression Packs
KatharsisGraphicsGraphics Decompression Packs

User Review Information

A Cornerstone Translation

Reviewed By: Next Gen Cowboy on 21 Nov 2014

The original Star Ocean is a cornerstone of the translation community, and everyone involved did an excellent job. As the final release of DeJap Translations the game still holds up over a decade after the translation’s release, and the game itself is a must-play for fans of classic Action RPGs, even after almost 20 years.

The game’s visual presentation is top-notch, even more so than Tales of Phantasia, some the developers of which would eventually form tri-Ace, and release Star Ocean, and the game’s sequels, in addition to other games in the genre over the next two decades. These graphics were augmented by the S-DD1 chip, a graphics compression chip built into the SNES cartridge. This added another layer to the translation process, and makes the feat more impressive; it also makes the game one of the best looking of the console generation.

From a gameplay perspective Star Ocean looks like a typical (if pretty) top-down RPG for the era. Very much like Secret of Mana, or Secret of Evermore, however this all changes once you enter one of the game’s random battles. At this point the game becomes an action RPG. You enter your commands, via button shortcuts to attack or use spells, or skills, and you move using a cursor. The gameplay is a bit unwieldy, and it takes some getting used to, because unlike the game’s sequels, and other games in the genre you have to move your character using a cursor.

If you can get over the initial learning curve and the clunkiness of combat then you’ll be in for a solid experience. The game offers a lot of content, and this game began the series’ tradition of mutually exclusive characters, optional scenes in towns, upgrading non-combat skills, item crafting, and alternate routes through the story based on party composition. This is the area where the translation shines, there’s simply so much there that it’s impressive that DeJap found it all.

The translation’s not without some flaws however. The Yes/No dialogue bubbles were never translated, leaving this game fully-playable, but incomplete. In addition workarounds were originally needed to get it to run on certain emulators, though this if the fault of the game, and the aforementioned graphics chip, rather than the patch. Since the game had an official remake on the PSP as Star Ocean: First Departure, some names may no longer match the official names used in that game.

Overall the effort that went into this translation is clear. It was one of the biggest releases ever when it originally came out, right before 2004, and to this day it’s very impressive. The game does have a remake, which may suit some people better, as that version uses gameplay from the sequel to make for a much smoother experience, adding voice acting, animated cutscenes, a more developed story, and 3D models on prerendered backgrounds.

For the traditionalist though, this version offers some beautiful sprites, Motoi Sakuraba’s first work with tri-Ace as well a distinct 16-bit charm that is very difficult to recreate. If you’re a fan of the series, and want to know how it all began, someone who simply enjoys Action RPGs and want to see their evolution through the years, or just a fan of RPGs or fan translations in general this is worth a playthrough.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
DeJap Translations' English patch of "Star Ocean" still holds up pretty well today!phantom_with_a_rose18 Dec 20181.0Yes
A Cornerstone TranslationNext Gen Cowboy21 Nov 2014N/AYes