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Rockman 2: Wed of Slasher

Hack of Mega Man 2


This is a hack of the JP version of Megaman 2 called Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo. The hack changes the weapons, boss behavior & palette, and level design.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Rockman 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo (J) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: 30B91650
  • MD5: 055FB8DC626FB1FBADC0A193010A3E3F
  • SHA-1: FB51875D1FF4B0DEEE97E967E6434FF514F3C2F2
  • SHA-256: DEB88223311ACA8CA566B99D4063CA29D389D939FEE455F83AFAEC97C6F0A5D1




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User Review Information


Reviewed By: RRThielNC on 18 Sep 2014

What’s this? Chiko made a Rockman 2 hack instead of a Rockman 5 hack? Surely this must be a sight to behold! ….Right?

Before I played this hack, I felt I had played enough Chiko hacks already, and just wanted to play this one out of sheer curiosity. The moment I booted up Metal Man’s stage, I knew that Chiko’s fingerprints were all over this hack, and that I had made a big mistake.

But I’m getting off topic. Wed of Slasher is a hack that “changes” the graphics, weapons, boss and enemy A.I, and levels. I say that in quotes because this hack utilizes Chiko’s biggest stereotype: blatant plagiarism. Now to be fair, Chiko did do some stuff himself, but that doesn’t make any of it good.

To start off, the graphics are totally lame. Most stages, when they aren’t ripped from other hacks, just consist of one flat color, or are just straight up ugly. Quick Man stage, I’m looking right at you. Overall, this hack is not what I would call visually pleasing.

The weapons are also lame. Air Man’s weapon goes less far, Bubble Man’s weapon is faster, Heat Man’s weapon charges instantly, Metal Man’s weapon is horrible, and everything else does nothing new outside of moving faster.

The boss A.I isn’t much to talk about. Quick Man’s projectiles barely move, Clash Man moves really slow, Metal Man is faster etc. etc. The one think that really irks me is that Air Man’s firing patterns are almost exactly the same as in Rockman No Constancy. A shining example of Chiko’s tendency to rip off other hacks.

The enemy A.I. is annoying at the very least. Most enemies either hit hard, or shoot a dozen bullets at once with questionably large hit boxes. The thing is, it’s mostly not the enemies’ actual behavior, but rather their placement, which brings me to my next point.

The level design, simply put, is bad. There are tons of huge jumps, obnoxious platforming, and yes, horrendous enemy placement. It seems Chiko went out of his way to make sure every enemy in this hack was placed in the most inconvenient places possible. Coupled with their annoying A.I. and huge bullet hit boxes makes the levels very difficult from a lack(and I use the term “lack” lightly) of polish.

Overall, Wed of Slasher, for me at least, was not really fun to play at all. Sad to say it, but out of all of Chiko’s hacks out there, this one is probably the most extensive. On the brightside, it’s still not as bad as Lucky Man. In the end, I could recommend WOS to someone who’s already played every Rockman 2 hack out there, and are just looking to kill some time while waiting to Hybrid Hex to come out, but for everyone else, no. Don’t play this hack.

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Rockman 2: Wed of Slasher - BADDobu_GM25 Apr 20191.0No
Ugh.RRThielNC18 Sep 2014N/ANo