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Final Fantasy V - Sound restoration and no framerate drop

Hack of Final Fantasy V Advance


This hack completely restores the music and sound effects from the SNES original.

The framerate drop that was introduced when porting the game to GBA is almost completely eliminated.

All 3 releases of the game (Europe, Japan, America) are supported.

A new streamed orchestral intro is optional for the European version only.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • ety-ff5a.gba
  • CRC32: 7197117E
  • SHA-1: 4FC4BC7C1C3ABE9D2F9C59A3AE4172B5CB57BD2C
  • ffva.gba
  • CRC32: 7A24AB0C
  • MD5: 9ED82843CC54876362BE56FACCB15D75
  • SHA-1: 492789276EAA3E94152B143AD92F310B8A3D5366
  • wrg-ffv.gba
  • CRC32: FC7909A7
  • MD5: B8FB00C59242AFC33B1A40D0D2B94EE7
  • SHA-1: F4F6806051097C3088A5763D6D7211024FE5CC34




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

A definite improvement!

Reviewed By: TheZunar123 on 06 Sep 2014

(Review for version 3.0)

In previous versions, this patch didn’t quite live up to its purpose. Some things sounded better, but there were still quite a few things that sounded off. As a whole, the original GBA sound port was better.

However, version 3.0 breathes new life into the game. Pretty much everything sounds polished and flows very well. Heck, even the cursor sound was improved! As someone who first played the GBA version and got used to the way it sounded, I really love the way the sound was restored here.

The framerate drop elimination is great, I always wondered why the game would seem to freeze occasionally during battle. I really noticed the lag during the final battle which seems to be where it’s the most prominent.

The multi-version support is also a really nice touch. It really opens up and allows compatibility with other hacks of the game so we don’t have to choose between this and other potentially good hacks.

There are a few sounds that still sound strange (for example the knife attack sound), but they sounded like that in the original SNES version so that’s not the fault of the patch creator.

Overall, I would say this is a must-have patch for the game. It truly makes the GBA port the definitive version of Final Fantasy V.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Amazing Work - Most Highly Recommended!Eselred25 Sep 2014N/AYes
Not on par with snes tracksX-or05 Aug 2014N/ANo
A definite improvement!TheZunar12306 Sep 2014N/AYes
Good, just needs a little tweakingMalev10 Nov 2010N/AYes