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Chrono Trigger Texteditor

Game Specific


This program will help you to change the text in Chrono Trigger. It will calculate the compression for you, so you can fit in even more text than before. Just write your text and this program will handle the rest. You can save your work into a Project File or directly to a Chrono Trigger ROM.


User Review Information

Effective, but with quite a few flaws

Reviewed By: vince94 on 20 Apr 2014

This is excellent, it lists out the dialog strings in the order they appear in the ROM, so you don’t have to go mucking about with maps like you have to do in Temporal Flux. Also unlike Temporal Flux, it has a SEARCH FUNCTION! Hallelujah! This makes it possible for the user to play the game, see a line that needs changing, search for it, and change it. It’s amazing!

It does have quite a few flaws though. Like Recca mentioned before me, you have to be careful when you’re formatting your new dialog. Chrono Trigger uses what appears to be the variable-width “Mac Chicago” font, but this program displays everything in Courier New. You do have the option to change the font (another unique feature!), but then you have to be extra-careful. Chrono Trigger doesn’t have a text wrap-around routine like Final Fantasy 6 or EarthBound, and if one of your lines is too long, it’ll just keep typing stuff offscreen. If I knew how to program, I’d fix this by making an interface similar to FF3USME, where it uses the ROM’s font information to preview what you’re typing on top of a screenshot of the game.

Another thing I noticed is that when you edit certain non-dialog strings (Enemy names? Item names? Chapter titles? I’m really not sure), it corrupts the text that gets displayed when party members level up.

Also, it doesn’t have a freakin’ TASKBAR BUTTON! This also means that it doesn’t show up when you press ALT-TAB, so you have to minimize all of your windows and click on it to bring it back if something covers it up. This may sound really trivial, but you have to do it A LOT if you have other programs open besides this and your emulator.

I can tell from the title bar icon that this program was written in Visual Basic 6, which was released in 1998. It would be absolutely lovely if the author made this open-source, which would help a lot of people learn about what kind of logic goes into coding their own ROM editors. This would also encourage people who *already* have the technical know-how to port it to a modern language, and make improvements.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Effective, but with quite a few flawsvince9420 Apr 2014N/AYes
Caveat Emptor and all thatobscurumlux0127 Jan 2014N/ANo
A simple, but effective text editor.Recca03 Oct 2009N/AYes