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New Awakening

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX


New Awakening is a full hack of Link’s Awakening featuring broad revisions to all dungeons and textual edits, overworld edits, and sequence fixes to support a new dungeon order, as well as cosmetic edits to most dungeons and parts of the overworld. The difficulty is substantially increased, with new puzzles as well as new monster encounters, but backtracking is minimal, difficult puzzles offer subtle clues (the owl statues have been updated as well), extra resources are available where needed, and the challenges do not require save states or perfect gameplay. The game is balanced for those who have played the game once or twice, but the game is playable by newcomers as well, as the hack does not throw everything at the player at once. The difficulty begins fairly moderate and gradually increases over time. Necessary information is found in the readme. The patch is made with Lunar IPS.

Update: Various corrections have been made since the last release, removing a few bugs and graphical errors. If you see something that looks wrong, send me a personal message and I can either explain it or change it as needed.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Checksums:
  • CRC-32: 7D07A17B
  • SHA-1: BABC3040E79F7125A022E35DDBCBA0414CDBB0E2
  • SHA-256: 4AE05F3D384298292621576E468FBF60C7C7151AB1F24172FD4791DCF87E76B9
  • MD-5: 4855040E3CDD3AB52CEBFE08589585DD
  • Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (U) (V1.2) [C][!]




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User Review Information

Don't play this until it's fixed

Reviewed By: Masterlink on 15 Mar 2014

Okay, this hack interested me when I saw it in Facebook, and I immediately downloaded it since LA is one of my favorite Zelda titles of all time, and seeing it got a good hack (in concept) really made me happy.

At first it starts good and normal; you go and get the Magic Powder, kill a few enemies and destroy some grass blocking your path, however, you get stuck really quickly; there is nothing you can do after that since you can’t get to the first dungeon without abusing of a glitch (walking over the holes by staying really close to the big rock). There is also no way of getting a bomb to get past the rock either, at least not without abusing of glitches.

The glitches in question are MANY. The most noticeable ones are some garbage tiles in the overworld, being able to walk through walls which leads to getting stuck until you save and exit the game, and the most game-breaking glitch: Being able to get your sword earlier by letting a Like-Like eat you and then killing it. There’s a way of getting out of the town as well, because these tiles (there are two links in the past two words, in case you didn’t notice) aren’t solid, and that way you can get 50 rupees earlier, and even access to the Face Shrine dungeon.

Now, if all these “glitches” are what you were supposed to do, let me tell you that I’m highly disappointed; I expected something good instead of relying on glitches or non-solid tiles that you have no way of discovering normally (I discovered those by accident), and an average player wouldn’t even search for them because they were not present in the original game, and you can’t expect them in a game, unless it leads to a very good secret.

I’m really sorry to say this, but this hack is in a really broken condition to be played normally, so I don’t recommend anyone to try it until it’s all fixed. If you wonder, yes, I used the exact same ROM needed to patch this (Legend of Zelda, The - Link’s Awakening DX (U) (V1.2) [C][!]), I even tried with different ROMs from different sources and all of them had the same results.

At the end, this didn’t fulfill the claim of being a hack that everyone can play without getting headaches because of not knowing what to do next, or major backtracking (going constantly to get Magic Powder is REALLY annoying). I hope you fix all of this, because the concept of this hack is really great, despite not having the main overworld edited as much as the dungeons, and I’d love to play it from start to finish.

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Game Crash / Freeze after getting Marin in beachryancaesar1234501 Apr 20194.1Yes
Very tough, but very rewardingdewey03 Nov 20184.1Yes
Confusing but funSKmuffinEXE11 Feb 20154.0Yes
Much betterpuzzledude08 Apr 2014N/AYes
Don't play this until it's fixedMasterlink15 Mar 2014N/ANo