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My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's Conquest

Hack of Mega Man 3


This ROM hack of Mega Man 3 completely redesigns the game to resemble the world and characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with new graphics and music from a wide range of games. Enemy and Boss AI is also altered as well as the control scheme (no sliding like in Mega Man 2)

The evil Discord has once again returned, and it is up to Twilight Sparkle to stop him as well as her rampaging friends!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • Original Bytes: (length=393232)
  • CRC32: 452d8089
  • MD5: 75b924155cafee335c9ea7a01bfc8efb
  • SHA-1: 53197445e137e47a73fd4876b87e288ed0fed5c6
  • SHA-256: eddbe571cf0a201ba9d090fbace9843c9c9dd4053051649f2575b088752f4675
  • Mega Man 3 (U) [!]




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User Review Information

Good enough gameplay

Reviewed By: Lunaria on 05 Jan 2014

When I saw this pop up on I just had to do a blind playthrough with commentary, I just had too since I consider myself both into megaman and slightly into the whole MLP craze.

However, I’m going to be strictly honest in this review and speak from a game designer perspective as that is more important to me.

First of, the game has reworked music and this means a lot, I believe all tracks are taken from somewhere and were ported to the game, however, the fresh music adds a lot to the experience for me. There were some weird tracks but there were also some very good ones too that fit the stage and the theme that the hack was going for.

As far as general aesthetics go, well, you can’t really go wrong here either. There’s much tile work that is straight out of other games if not downscaled in colour to fit the NES requirements. And while tiles are mixed and matched there are seldom any cases that jar the player which tiles that clearly does not work well. There are, however, some cases were the aesthetics are very well presented and it’s quite clear that the developer managed to put out an environment that you can immerse oneself in.

The MLP themed tilework is perfectly fine for what it is and looks good, but there are some strangeness: Hitboxes and tile data is not remade in the shape of horses, instead they walk around on two legs like humanoids, which makes no sense. This can probably lie in the lack of skill the developer had to make those changes or it was simply a choice made to not do so. (However, I suspect the former is the real devil here…)

What about the gameplay though? As advertised it’s more on the easy side, however, that does not mean it’s easier than any given megaman game. There are certainly things that make it easier, you seem to be able to take quite a few hits and if you have experience as a megaman player you’ll probably not have any issues with dying on the stages too often. (Nor on the bosses for that matter.) Some of the “robot master” weapons seem way to overpowered based on how they can be used though.

Furthermore the “robot masters” leave something to be desired as they are only very slightly changed from the megaman 3 counterparts. Some bosses like Luna is very easy where as some bosses (Applejack) seem way too hard unless you have the right weapon. It’s a bit of a weird grab-bag if you ask me.

As far as stage design go there is nothing too weird or off for the most part and everything feels nice overall. However, there are some odd parts that stick out to be as bothersome; In Luna’s stage, for example, there is a jump you have to make and the next chunk of land is not visible even if you stand on the edge making it a blind jump. Now, this is not a hard jump by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s bothersome to see none the less, luckily it’s not a trend that keeps up. However, some sections near the end of the game I have to question if the developer were even thinking. There is a room (second room of the level even.) in which you have to react super fast in order to progress, if you fail to do so, well, your only option is to kill yourself. This may be less of a problem if it were not for the fact that mechanics were introduced in this very room and that you have to also make a timed jump while time is running out!

This following paragraph will contain spoiler so skip it if you don’t want to see that, but this needs to be addressed!

The “omega” fight is entirely broken, not to mention way too easy, assuming you know what to do. At the first stage of the battle boss is only weak to Trixie and Celestia’s weapon, meaning if you run out, well… have fun suicidng until a game-over since that’s what you have to do! The second stage of the battle is not much better since the boss is still not weak to the renamed megabuster, making the same thing apply here. However, the whole battle is rather of a mote point once you figure out the weaknesses since you can just stand at the very left of the room during the first phase and the boss won’t even hit you and use Trixie’s weapon aimed at the platform in order to kill it, then proceed to stand on the left side of the screen during the next part of the battle and jump and use Fluttershy’s weapon. (Which deals massive damage!) So to put it simply: The whole battle is just plain up broken as a whole.

There is also an interesting bug in the game that happens if you die and select the “select stage” option during the “willy” stages. It’s more of a funny cutscene that seems to have been cut from the game, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

Overall it was a pleasant experience for a seasoned classic megaman player and not a very challenging one. However, that was part of the goal of the hack and as such it set up to do what it was trying to do. It also has some decently good level design that is worthwhile for anyone to take for a spin, should they want a megaman experience much in line to the classic megaman formula!

Do I recommend it? Yes. Is it for everyone? Probably not considering the internets stance on this franchise that is inserted.

If you want to see my blind commentated playthrough you can find it here: [Link]

(This was played on Version 1.0 of this hack, and as such the review reflects that!) ((In which a read-me was not included with the zip for some reason…))

Recommended - Yes

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