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Metroid - Eris 2012

Hack of Super Metroid


Eris by DMantra Release date: July 29, 2009

The Galactic Federation has lost contact with Eris Station. Samus Aran has been dispatched to find out what’s wrong.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc - GOODSNES 2.04
  • CRC32: D63ED5F8
  • MD5: 21F3E98DF4780EE1C667B84E57D88675
  • SHA-1: DA957F0D63D14CB441D215462904C4FA8519C613
  • SHA-256: 12B77C4BC9C1832CEE8881244659065EE1D84C70C3D29E6EAF92E6798CC2CA72




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Very Solid - Remake has Good and Bad

Reviewed By: MetroidMst on 25 Oct 2013

This review is on Eris 2012, but I will mention some differences between the original version and the 2012 version.

Eris provides a very strong playing experience in a small package. The entire hack fits on one submap, but it still manages to be bigger than you think. It is definitely a more challenging hack, as enemies will take you out very quickly. This being the case, the hack requires the player to exercise a bit more patience than most hacks. The difficulty will most likely be a major turn off for anyone but the above average player. You will need to be good at this game to get the most out of it.

For those advanced players, there is a lot to be gained from this hack. It has good challenge and a lot to explore. Because the hack is no larger than one submap and is very well connected, backtracking is a requirement that does not take much time. This allows the player to quickly get places and check out potential paths. This helps the hack feel fast moving and constantly fresh as players keep collecting more items.

There are some bits that are tricky though. One of the major downsides to the hack is one pathway in particular. Now, this path does have a hint of sorts, but it is something pretty much everyone will miss. That makes it great for hiding an item, not for a required path. On top of that, in that same room, there is another somewhat obscure thing required of the player, which again is given a hint, but the hint also leaves a lot to be desired.


  • Good exploration
  • Provides hints at points where player might be confused
  • Fetch quest can be done during the normal exploring to collect items
  • Larger than it seems, but very well connected and easy to get around


  • Very challenging for non-advanced players
  • Palettes and tiling might be an issue to some

Eris 2012 is a hack I do recommend, and overall I would say it improves on the first version. However, some of the stated missions of this revision fall short. One of DMantra’s stated missions was to make the hack easier. However, I found the 2012 version to do the exact opposite. In the original, you could collect an item that made some very tough early bosses much easier. In the 2012 version, you can’t get that item until much later. Again with the Super Missiles, this becomes an issue. The original version gave you 10 the first time you get them, the 2012 version gives you 3. So in the end, the 2012 version ends up being harder.

One thing the 2012 version will help first time Eris players is direction. Some gates and the aforementioned hints in the scenery help give the player some direction. It also adds a brand new little area that pays some homage to the Alien series. If you are good at Super Metroid hacks, this one should be on your list of hacks to play. But again, if you have trouble with some other hacks, this one may be too difficult right now.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Easily the best hack I've playedcoldcandor16 Feb 2014N/AYes
Very Solid - Remake has Good and BadMetroidMst25 Oct 2013N/AYes