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Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Arabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou is a role playing game for the Super Nintendo.

Translation Description:

Arabian Nights (AN) is a Japan-exclusive RPG for the Super Famicom, developed by a small studio called Pandora Box. The game was published in 1996 by Takara and features, as the name strongly suggests, an all-Arabian theme revolving around Djinns.

Once upon a time, Shukran, a young, good-natured girl who lost her parents, finds a special ring lying on the ground. As it soon turns out the ring actually houses Ifrit, the King of the Djinns. He has been sealed away by his former master just before his demise, because hot-tempered Ifrit would have gone after his master’s murderer even in spite of his own insufficient strength. However, if Ifrit accomplishes fulfilling a thousand wishes, he will again be a free man, or rather Djinn. As coincidence may, Shukran’s wish will actually be the 1000th, however - altruistic as she is - the young woman wants Ifrit to bring peace upon the world! Thus, the two embark on their quest to make that wish come true together, as Ifrit can’t stray from his new master’s side.

The game itself is extraordinarily charming, boasting beautiful graphics and sympathetic characters. However, probably due to the fact that the small developer was publishing many games simultaneously around that time, and that the console neared the end of its life span, AN most likely was very rushed at the end. That’s why a lot of aspects of the game feel unfinished; had the developers had enough time, it could easily have become one of the console’s greatest classics.

As for the translation, we tried our best to allow for a pleasing experience in English and make as few compromises as possible. Look at the screenshots for a first impression and read the readme or visit the following sites for details:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Arabian Nights - Sabaku no Seirei Ou (J).smc - GOODSNES 2.04
  • CRC32: B6DBF57B
  • MD5: EB1AD755DA3310F392CF8BC94962612E
  • SHA-1: 4C06A9A1F5598869852B9F008136E38E2A39BAAB
  • SHA-256: 068F334210289F187473584AF0522AD1933664E9129A9E712453968F4A87F4AE


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
PennywiseProductionProject Management
LostTemplarHackingReprogramming & Beta-testing
Eien Ni HenTranslationTranslation & Beta-testing
ChronoMoogleGraphicsTitlescreen refinement & Beta-testing
sin_batsuGraphicsTitlescreen refinement & anti-repro screen
Shmu-HadronGraphicsTitlescreen prototype
LeylaGraphicsVarious battle icons

User Review Information

Well Worth the Wait

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 27 Dec 2012

You can tell a lot of work went into the English translation for Arabian Nights, so everyone involved should be very pleased with themselves.

Arabian Nights was a game that was made for the Super Famicon in 1996 and never had a North American release. Most likely due to when the game was released, being at the end of the Super Nintendo era and the beginning of more sophisticated systems. The game is only Arabian Nights in name as it is an original story with loose tie-ins to One Thousand and One Nights.

I’ve got to say, the translation is very good. Everything is clear as day and I didn’t see any kind of typo. As for the slight glitches that are mentioned in the “readme” file that comes with the patch, neither of those happened to me. I did get one that wasn’t mentioned, but it maybe because I am using ZSNES. It was a slight glitch when going to the weapon/armor store. When I would ask to see the sellers wears, sometimes the game would freeze when entering the wears menu. What I did to prevent that was use a save state before asking to see his wears. It only would happen on rare occasions and I don’t know if ZSNES is the best emulator to use the patched game with as I haven’t tested it with any other emulator as of yet.

Another important note, you should use beat to patch the rom because the patch is a bps not a ips. Make sure to check the “readme” file for more info.

And for those that are interested, the game is a very traditional JRPG with the only difference being that “cards” can be used to control the shift in battle. As well, the graphics are pretty good and reminded me of Chrono Trigger. I think most people that grew up in the SNES era, or most people that just like old school RPGs, will find this a fun game, although not a very long game. Kudos to everyone involved in getting this done, good work.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Wonderful Translation for a *meh* Gamemgridgaway30 Aug 2013N/ANo
Well Worth the WaitKlaviaturist27 Dec 2012N/AYes