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Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

Hack of Final Fantasy Tactics


1.3 is a mod made by Archael for the game Final Fantasy Tactics which greatly increases the game’s difficulty by re-balancing the game. It alters enemies, items, jobs, skills, and fixes many gameplay mechanic exploits present in the original.

1.3 is very difficult! However, if you enjoy the content present in it and wish to play it without the difficulty, here is a version of it with regular difficulty:


  • AI controlled Squires will no longer waste turns using Cheer Up
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Chocobos could be Invited
  • Dark Chocobos are now correctly immune to all negative statuses
  • Time Mage Speed Growth up from 100 to 90
  • Oracle Speed Growth up from 100 to 90
  • Oracle Speed HP Multiplier down from 127 to 120


ROM / ISO Information:

  • SCUS-94221




User Review Information

Everything I Ever Wanted

Reviewed By: Leonidus on 13 Oct 2012

I love RPGS, and I love strategy games, so I always loved FFT. However, it was always way too easy. The real shame is that the game had a very developed and fun battle system, but it is wasted on the vanilla version.

This hack solves that problem.

It is EXTREMELY hard. It is so hard that it usually forces you to come up with a genius plan, almost every battle. They made it so that the difficulty levels up with you as well, so you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT level your way out of problems. When you just can’t win a fight, it’s because you aren’t thinking hard enough.

Let me give a quick example. There’s a fight with 5 engineer classes, most of whom have dual wield magic guns, who will do about 400 per hit (800 per engineer). They have break skills, and they will break your items and, because of dual wield, do an additional attack after for about 600 damage. There are ways to win this fight, but it took me my whole weekend to finally win.

And that is the beauty of this hack. You can always win. On the forums for the hack they have a thing where frustrated people will submit their save files, and they’ll make a video beating the fight. The game isn’t hard just to be hard or punishing, it’s not hard to encourage level grinding, it’s not hard to unnecessarily lengthen gameplay, it’s hard in ways that make you think, and will push your mind to the brink. That is what makes a strategy game great, and that is what I think makes this hack a god damned masterpiece.

I cannot recommend this hack enough.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Hard for the wrong reasonsSephalos22 May 20171.3.0.8Yes
Everything I Ever WantedLeonidus13 Oct 2012N/AYes