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Final Fantasy Legend of the 7th King

Hack of Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy Legend of the 7th King is a really hard hack that focus on patience and skill. Changes included:

  • New enemy colors.
  • New enemy stats including gold, experience, enemy attack, hp, status etc.
  • New villages.
  • New enemy locations.
  • All of the over world map has been changed.
  • All the sprites have new text.
  • New weapons and shops.
  • New storyline.
  • New magic for the light warrior.

Yes a lot of stuff has been changed in this hack!! Try it and enjoy!!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: AB12ECE6
  • MD5: 9B0F042CFDC5F9E8200B47104A4768A9
  • SHA-1: 80CE108FBC066C985D4FB541BD68E9A7C8994FEB
  • SHA-256: D360BEEEE19A69D1C92D02292167C57F2D3CA8405B79101FC8C2F39DEA549667




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
The SlothHacking

User Review Information

Requires a bit of further playtesting

Reviewed By: pianophile on 29 Jul 2012

From the moment I started playing the rom my first impression was that it wasn’t changed as much graphically. Despite different names for the classes, Assassin would still be Red Mage, etc.

I picked out a team that I usually chose to test the relative difficulty curve of most FF hacks which was Assassin, Thief, White Mage, and Warlock. As the title screen faded and the world map was shown on screen I was genuinely surprised and excited about the changes on screen. The Town was different and all the surroundings were different as well.

The landscape was more similar to Dragon Warrior with all the impassable mountains. The location of the temple of the fiends also reminded me of the Dragonlord’s castle in that very same game.

I proceeded to town and noticed that most of the gear were highly priced. I wouldn’t be able to afford everything but at the very least I could be fully equipped. With a little grinding I suppose that it would be okay and that I would be able to purchase spells from the shops later.

The town was actually reminiscent of the set-up of Leifen and it there was a mash up of different NPCs in it with new messages who couldn’t really convey to me what I needed to do at that point.

I went out to grind and check out the battle scenes. This is where I felt the hack had gone downhill. I:ve played with a lot of FF hacks before. I’ve played with difficult hacks and bore with it, but the level of difficulty in this hack is more appropriately impossible.

Imagine the typical first battle where I might face 9 zombies; 2 worms; 2 knightmares and 2 evil, etc. At first I thought it was just an intimidation factor but it wasn’t. Some of these enemies can hit for over 120 dmg to your what? 35HP characters. Some of these enemies have hit-alls that deal 85 damage per character.

I even tried a starter team composed of 2 fighters and 2 assassins to no avail. I was persistent and tried different combinations and settled to forego all initial equipment and settle for spells.

Now this route worked a bit since enemies could die with a single casting of FLAR. However this was still primarily dependent on luck because the enemies should be relatively few and not the set-up with 9 zombies.

One character managed to reach level 5-6 in this way. I explored the map a bit and came across the castle north. I proceeded to talk with the Dragon King was tasked me with killing Cyrus. Who Cyrus was I have no idea. A game breaking bug manifested itself when I tried to leave the castle. Apparently the exit grass is probably set to warp one level and not exit. Therefore If I had previously gone to the 2nd floor of the castle and tried to exit I would always go back to the second floor. I know that this might be fixed via hackster, but it’s really a terrible start for the hack.

I loaded from an earlier save state and ran all the way to the dragon castle where I encountered Cyrus who used “Anvil” on my party. Anvil produced an average of 800 damage to my party.

I reloaded and ran as far I could to the other side of the map. I couldn’t see any other towns and ended up dying to higher level enemies.

More or less this left a really bad impression on me. This hack combines some really bad elements of traditional RPGs: endless grinding AT the VERY START; Inability to explore anywhere else unless you grind; And imbalanced - dependent on black magic users (Assassin and Warlock) to ensure that you have a viable party. It truly felt ridiculous at some point because my level 5 character only had access to level one spells despite being able to cast level two. Not that it mattered because there was no cash to be spared.

If you want to make a difficulty hack please make it less dependent on save state abuse. The cost of the inn should not be 100. The cost of reviving should also be cheaper.

It’s a shame really because I did fell that there was a trememdous load of effort poured into this hack.

My suggestions for a possible patch which I hope the author would take into consideration:

1. Make starting characters HP higher. I think from 150-200HP and compensate for higher HP base by decreasing definitive HP gains in their level ups. I think this would address the imbalance of magic and might users in the early game.

2. Make the INN and Clinic cost less.

3. There are still several script booboos in the rom (wrong grammar, etc.)

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Too Many Bugs and Other OdditiesDrag0nwind06 Dec 20151.0No
Requires a bit of further playtestingpianophile29 Jul 2012N/ANo