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Mystic Quest Reborn

Hack of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


As many of you know Final Fantasy Mystic Quest gets a bad rap from people that either it is too easy or it is for children. Well of course both of those are wrong. The game wasn’t super easy like some people claim, but it wasn’t at all difficult either. And come on it isn’t for children, it has a good story and keeps you entertained throughout the entire game. I’ve made the game more challenging as well as added some additional stuff to spice it up a bit.

What’s changed:

  • Imported some new music from Final Fantasy V and Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana).
  • Overhauled the entire game’s treasure contents and changed some locations of some of them as well.
  • Brown treasure chests that give consumable items now have a quantity of 4x instead of 3x.
  • Brown treasure chests that give consumable weapons give 8x instead of 10x.
  • “Super” chests at the end of the game give 10x items instead of 25x.
  • Semi-overhauled the characters to better balance from being a useless tool to being useful. No longer does Benjamin feel like he’s the spare until he gets the Holy or Flare Magic. Now Benjamin is the powerhouse and the support allies are exactly that–a support ally.
  • Altered some of your allies’ starting magic to provide more challenge. Phoebe no longer has the Holy spell at the end of the game.
  • Altered the White magic spells to not be able to be casted on monsters to prevent abuse. With exception of Exit, but with Exit you get no EXP from that monster you warp away with Exit. This means you can no longer cast Cure on the Dark King to kill him quickly!
  • Tweaked most of the equipment in the game to have various levels of usability.
  • Monsters have been overhauled, every monster has been changed and beefed up.
  • Monster attacks have been beefed up, especially later in the game.
  • The Battlefields have all had their contents changed and each Battlefield has it’s own # to defeat to earn the reward.
  • Some minor graphic tweaks have been made–and I mean minor!

Note: There was a bug fixed so if you’ve downloaded this already you need to re-download it and apply the patch over your existing ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 6B19A2C6
  • MD5: DA08F0559FADE06F37D5FDF1B6A6D92E
  • SHA-1: 787C535AACA7B57F6B85FC02CEEF106F7FE5EA59
  • SHA-256: 6151389F33CE2E53DB3CD99592440C0020F5F4668F581CE3BD615BC92077F255




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
JCE3000GTOriginal HackingOverall coder and design
JigglysaintHackingContributed some valuable data
ZeemisGraphicsDid the graphic and palette edits

User Review Information

A Mystic Quest Finally Worth Playing

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 22 Jun 2012

Most of us that grew up in the SNES era and loved the RPGs that came out from Eniq and Square will probably remember Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Yes, the RPG that was suppose to be (1. A beginners game for newbies to the RPG genre and (2. The game that was hopefully going to make JRPGs in North America profitable. But alas, Mystic Quest was good at neither. The game sported aged graphics, even for the time. The game play was clunky, easy, and repetitive. Totally linear (minus a couple of dungeons). And the storyline suffered from a horrendous script that could have been written by my ten year old nephew. The only positive was it had a remarkable score, for the most part. This hack makes some drastic changes to the game that address quite a few of the issues listed above.

The first thing I noticed about MQ was the music. The music was changed to make it feel more like a Final Fantasy game than a spin-off. But at the same time retained a lot of the classic music from the game itself that was truly worth keeping (battle music for one). The main change that was the most welcome was the drastic change in difficulty. No more plowing through the game in seven hours. You not only have to defeat every enemy on the screen but leave the level and defeat them again if you want to have any chance of even beating a boss. As well, treasure chests aren’t just lying about all over the place making the experience easier. Another thing to note is when you gain your side characters they are not so much more powerful then you are. Unlike in the original where they would be like Goliath’s making your main character more of a supporting character. This is just a few changes to take note.

I only had a couple of things I would have liked to have seen changed as well. But this could be for another project I suppose. I would like to see either a completely new script for the game as I really hate the original. Yes, the storyline is very typical “Save the Crystals, you save the world from darkness” mumbo jumbo, but a good script could take even the most simplistic storyline and make it worth a gamers time. Either a completely new script or a completely new game based on the MQ engine. That is something I know I would check out.

For fans of the original game, whether you liked it or not, you should definitely check this hack out. If you liked the original and would like to play through it on a more difficult note, you will welcome this. If you didn’t like the game because you felt it was too easy or childish, check this out. I think you might be surprised.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A decent hacksemolous18 Feb 20212.0Yes
Grindy, but an enjoyable experienceSosuko22 Jul 20202.0Yes
Too hard.SirRob16 Nov 2014N/ANo
Almost GreatRiketzKarlom16 Aug 2014N/ANo
I Finally Defeated Dark King!WireByte09 Jan 2013N/AYes
This ROM hack needs a lot of work.Waddler-D04 Jul 2012N/ANo
A Mystic Quest Finally Worth PlayingKlaviaturist22 Jun 2012N/AYes