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Phantasy Star II Proper-caser

Hack of Phantasy Star II


Phantasy Star II continued the late ‘80s and early ‘90s trend of writing “important” terms, like spells, items, equipment, character names, etc. in all caps. It might have been standard and/or helpful back then, it’s an eyesore these days! This patch, which puts most everything in proper case, should make Phantasy Star II more of a pleasant experience. Also included are the table files by kingofcrusher and fedorajoe in case you wish to further modify the text.

As of v0.2, the author has also been able to rectify various spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues, and has also further updated the table file.

As of v0.3, the author has enlisted the help of fedorajoe to remedy several of the bugs in the game, including the Attack rating of the LAC DAGGER.

As of v0.4, every piece of unnecessary all-caps text has been brought to proper case! This is thanks again to fedorajoe.

You can also now manually name your characters in proper case! To access the lowercase “x” and “y” on the naming screen, either push left on the D-pad while hovering over the lowercase “i,” or push down on the D-pad while hovering over the lowercase “h” or “g.”

ROM / ISO Information:

No information available.




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
vivify93HackingPrimary hacker
kingofcrusherHackingSupplied main table data
fedorajoeHackingSupplied bug fixes and secondary table data

User Review Information

Does what it says it does

Reviewed By: Spooniest on 30 May 2012

There isn’t much to it; it takes away almost all of the CAPS LOCK in the menus and character/monster names. Doesn’t fall short of what it sets out to do; the game looks very nice with this patch.

Go ahead and apply this patch, it certainly can’t hurt.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Does what it says it doesSpooniest30 May 2012Yes