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Phantasy Star II Improvement

Hack of Phantasy Star II


Phantasy Star II Improvement originally started out as a humble little mod to put the all caps text of Phantasy Star II in proper case. It later fixed some grammar, then a few bugs, and now it’s even rebalanced the game a little, and here we are now! Included in this .ZIP file are table files thanks to fedorajoe and kingofcrusher, an ability list, and an equipment list.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

  • Any text that was in all-caps is now in proper case.
  • You can now name your characters with lowercase letters.
  • Grammatical errors and incorrect text cutoffs are fixed.
  • The LAC DAGGER’s stats are fixed.
  • Hugh can cast Gires outside of battle, and wear the CRYSTCHEST and LACONCHEST.
  • Rolf and Kain can equip the LACONIAMET instead of Rudo and Hugh.
  • Nei can wear a bevy of late-game equipment; see the readme or equipment list for details.
  • Please enjoy!

    ROM / ISO Information:

    No information available.




    ContributorType of contributionListed credit
    vivify93HackingPrimary hacker
    kingofcrusherHackingSupplied main table data
    fedorajoeHackingSupplied bug fixes and secondary table data

    User Review Information

    Does what it says it does

    Reviewed By: Spooniest on 30 May 2012

    There isn’t much to it; it takes away almost all of the CAPS LOCK in the menus and character/monster names. Doesn’t fall short of what it sets out to do; the game looks very nice with this patch.

    Go ahead and apply this patch, it certainly can’t hurt.

    Recommended - Yes

    User Reviews
    Does what it says it doesSpooniest30 May 2012Yes