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Temporal Flux v3.00 Release

06 December 2008 2:18PM EST - Update by Geiger

Utilities News

Several massive code rewrites later…

Temporal Flux 3.00

From the release notes:



  • Loc Events . Cut (Ctrl+X) corrected for new string handling
  • Loc Events . Dialogue could be displayed incorrectly in game due to spacing issues
  • Compression . Compression tool no longer adds junk bytes onto end of data
  • Strings . Setting all strings to dupes no longer crashes the program


  • Loc Events . Decode for Draw Geometry
  • Loc Events . Consistent decode between Textbox and Decbox
  • Loc Events . MemCpy2E changed to ColorMath
  • Loc Events . Partial editor rewrite, focusing on command display
  • Overworld Events . PCSub (OEC 08) now decoded and updated to match moving code.
  • Saving . Major rewrite of the save system, changing internal aspects of the entire program
  • Treasure . Changing the treasure type is now considered a data-changing action.

Between the custom data and the plugin system, the future can only refuse to change for so long.

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