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Dragon Quest I + II in English fully bugfixed, finally, after 20 years, how it must be!

19 June 2021 10:40PM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

It is an awesome pleasure and pride, for who is writing these lines, to announce to this community the release of the first patch for Dragon Quest I+II that by fist time in ROMhacking history FULLY (not partially) bugfixes the renowned RPGOne’s translation of this game from Japanese to English. This patch removes important game breaking glitches that froze Dragon Quest 2 at certain moments, like the infamous bug in the Inn of Beranule, or the endlessly looping Nun’s dialog near the end of DQ2 (after having defeated the final boss). Other important issues fixed by first time by this translation is the well-known and risky Rolando cloning bug, that makes this character reappears repeated in the town of Leftwyne / Liriza after having joined your party, in case the player talks again with the king of Laurasia; if after that the player happened to talk again with this Rolando’s clone, any item in Rolando’s inventory will be erased; added to this, if in that moment princess Linda / Maria were already in our party, she would be permanently erased from the game: it wouldn’t be possible to find her turned back to a dog anymore. You can see in the second picture how now, when entering back to Liriza, after having spoken with the King of Laurasia, Kain / Rolando doesn’t reappear in the inn (upper-right corner) anymore.

Other important uncorrected bugs from RPGOne’s English translation that this patch fixes is the famous DQ2 misnaming issue with main characters’ names in some dialogs, and even more important: an untranslated Japanese version of Dragon Quest 1 ending that is triggered if the first game of the series is completed with the princess Laura in our arms, without having first left her back to her castle before defeating the final boss. This the Japanese characters set was mostly replaced by Latin alphabet letters or erased in the RPGOne’s translation, this text will appear like a bunch of garbled random Latin letters and symbols (that don’t freeze the game by miracle, but completely sweeps the ending sequence).

Besides, derived from the Inn of Beranule glitch, this patch removes the problem that makes the name of the princess appear like “do''’R” or similar if the hero dies while the prince Rolando is ill in Beranule, and “Search” command is used. It also removes the disappearing of the 7th and 8th letters of the names of Rolando or the princess of Moonbrook, that may be customized at any moment by using a cheat.

If all that was not enough, this ROMhacking patch restores the original random system of names generation of the Japanese row ROM, for the prince of Cannock / Sumaltria and the princess of Moonbrooke in Dragon Quest 2, that had been rippled by RPGOne’s translation. Now, based on what name the player chooses for the main character, a name will randomly be chosen for the prince out of a list of 8 possible names, and another will be for the princess. These 8 possible names have also been restored to their original Japanese ROM’s form (transcripted to Latin alphabet with their etymological spellings). This names are, for the prince of Cannock: Rolando, Kain, Arthur, Conan, Kooky, Tonelat (pronounced Tonnlá in French, and transcripted to Japanese Katakana script like Tonnura), Esgar and Paulos; and for the princess of Moonbrook: Airin, Maria, Nana, Akina, Purine, Maiko, Linda, Samantha. In the original RPGOne’s translation this election was just based in the first letter of our hero’s name: from capital A to M it always was Rolando and Linda, from capital N to Z it was always Kain and Maria, from lower case a to m it was Arthur and Nana, from lower case n to z it was Conan and Samantha, if it was a dotting symbol or brackets it was Peter and Karen, and if it was a square bracket it was Brett and Gloria, more or less; the consequence of this was that in most of new games the only possible names the player could ever see were Rolando / Linda, and Kain / Maria, since most of people will type their name starting by a capital letter.

At last, this patch removes the need to press the A Button an extra time when searching something with no success, and since the 1.03 update, it removes the need to press three times the A Button when using field magic spells, thus restoring the game’s behaviour to how it was in the Japanese row ROM.

For more details and information read the readme file.

This patch needs to be applied to a “Dragon Quest I&II [Japan]” ROM.

These bugfixed have been done by Rod Merida (2021), with additional beta testing and bugs report made by Vicks Dg (2020). This patch is sort of an English port of the previously existing translation of Dragon Quest I+II to Spanish, that can be downloaded in here, and includes the aforementioned bug fixes, too (it was the first translation of this game to a Western language to do soo in fact): .