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New translation of Final Fantasy VI / III US to Spanish

11 April 2020 1:53PM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After a period of heavy effort, testing and proofreading, a new translation of Final Fantasy VI makes its way into Spanish thanks to the sacrifice of Rod Merida, the project’s hacker and translator, and the invaluable help in script reviewing of Vicks Dg and Bernar Carrasc, all of them members of Crackowia group.

The project was originally started several years ago, back in 2004, after the aforementioned members had just got and completed a full but faulty translation of FF3us, made by Latin-Americans, full of typos, wrong pointer addressings, that made some messages appeared partially repeated, spare grammar and orthograph mistakes, and no accented letters, opening question and exclamation marks at all, besides the constant substitution of second person plural pronoun “Vosotros” and its conjugations by polite treatment Ustedes ─something usual in Latin American Spanish in colloquial speech─. All this made this work faulty and unserious in the eyes of a minimally critical player. There was a strong agreement a retranslation to Spanish was necessary of this historical RPG whose story and game mechanics had amazed the group; the game worthed it, but there was, back in that moment, a surprisingly annoying lack of it.

So after some initial doubts and tribulations, ROMhacking techniques gathering and trials with some hex editing applications, like Hexposure 0.44, Thingy and TBL searchers, the project translator, Rod Mérida, decided to start the work. Once the first major obstacles, such as finding the character table and being able to decode the DTE compressed character pairs, or getting to see and edit the font tiles inside the ROM in order to add accented letters, had been solved, the project was advancing. However, it is a game with extensive dialog script, and a myriad of enemy and item names, abilities, combat messages, and descriptions in menu of all kinds of matters. Thus the project lengthened over time, extended and complicated, because in addition to translating it, it was necessary to test it and manually modify the pointer table every time the translated messages didn’t fit in the original string. The discovery of FF3edit, an application that readdressed dialog pointers automatically, accelerated this process, but the existance of other personal projects, like University and studying, delayed it. In the end, laziness overcame.

About four months ago, in late December 2019, the translator decided to get back the partially hacked ROM from silence and put the turbo in it. By January a first fully playable version was finished, with all its dialogs and enemy or item names translated. After that the script has been fully replayed and reviewed by Vicks Dg, followed by hundreds of text corrections and fixes. A second proof-reading, with minor fixes added, has been developped by Bernar Carrasc.

A final version of this translation was released in April 9th, 2020, in romhacking website, and can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone interested.