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Final Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals v0.4 released!

04 February 2014 4:35PM EST - Update by Spooniest

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Almost 15 years ago, RPGe, a loosely-connected team of hackers and translators, decided two things:

  • One) That Final Fantasy V was awesome


  • Two) That they weren’t going to sit around while it languished in obscurity.

So they copied the game, and went to work. They hacked in an english alphabet and did the translation as best they could for a group of teenagers just futzing around, and the very first fan-translation of a Final Fantasy game was born.

This release aims to clean up that fan translation a bit, and give you a new excuse to play Final Fantasy V in the process. The punctuation (!!) was toned down, phrasing was altered where deemed necessary, and all in all, the awesomeness level of the entire game was incrementally increased.


~ Spoons