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Giniro Silver(obscure but a great story)

14 August 2016 8:33PM

Translation Help - PC

Giniro Silver is a wonderful Nscripter visual novel that was released in Japan with the option to play it in either Japanese or English (with the menus all in Japanese). However, the option was actually either Japanese or extreme Engrish. It’s Engrish was so bad that it was painful to read. However, even with that huge problem, I could clearly see the truly great gem hidden in this Engrish. So, 2 years ago, I assembled a team to try to edit that Engrish into readable English and release a patch(considering we didn’t have a translator back then, that was the best we could do). We did some good progress(even getting contacted by a certain publisher, though he left when we told him that we had no translator), but we couldn’t get the engine to accept our edited text without crashing or looking extremely wrong, so we shelved it at that time.

I recently managed to contact another coder and it seems like the engine problems will finally be solved. So, I intend to reform a team, but this time do things the right way with no shortcuts.

I primarily need an editor. Having an additional translator and coder would be nice too to make work easier for all parties involved :)

I believe that relaxed but focused work is the best work, so there won’t be any pressure on regards to deadlines and such, because we wont have any deadlines in the first place ;). Same if anyone wants to take sometime off for exams and whatnot :)

If you are interested please message me: ffthewinner(at)gmail(dot)com

PS: If you want to know more about the game, I wrote about it in the number 9 spot of my”Top 10 Sad Visual Novels”list here:


Ao no Kiseki

14 August 2016 8:21PM

Translation Help - PSP

Part of the Kiseki series, this is one of the best RPG games that hasn’t been translated yet. It has a cast of over 50 colorful characters, an exciting main scenario and an interesting gameplay system similar to that of Final Fantasy 10.

Check the link for proof of concept.

Script is 1.5M characters. Someone translated around 2% of the total already and gave up. If you join, you can keep what they wrote or change it as you see fit.

I’m the lead programmer. I know some Japanese too, but I’m asking for your help because hopefully you know more Japanese than I do. You can contact me via email or the forums if interested.

Megaman 8

31 July 2016 1:25AM

Beta Testing - SAT

I’ve nearly finished an undub patch for the Saturn version of Megaman 8 - only a handful more cutscenes are left to subtitle. However, I don’t have the time to play through the game repeatedly to make sure everything is working properly between revisions, so I’d appreciate some help with testing.

Current progress:

  • All ingame voices are in Japanese.
  • Most (all?) ingame text is in English. I haven’t had the time to play past the first four Robot Masters, but I’m assuming that nothing is wrong considering I didn’t touch the level files and those contain all in-engine cutscene text.
  • American/European opening replaced with the original song “Electrical Communication” by Ganasia.
  • American/European ending replaced with the original song “Brand New Way” by Ganasia.
  • First cutscene (Duo’s crash landing, Megaman vs Bass) has been subtitled.


  • The rest of the cutscenes have yet to be subtitled and inserted into the game, but this is only a few more hours of work.
  • Playtesting.

Any help would be appreciated. My Skype is skyralie, I’m most likely to reply there.

Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix +

27 July 2016 9:10PM

Translation Help - PC

Currently seeking translators to assist on the Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix + project which is currently underway. If you would like to help out on this please contact MrRichard999!

Need help on all three GBA Fire Pro Wrestling games

24 July 2016 11:06PM

Technical Help - GBA

I’m working on hacks for all three Fire Pro Wrestling GBA games. They’re almost done, but I need help on several things that I can’t do.

I need someone that’s good on hex editing GBA ROMs that can help me figure out which offset and hex value in Fire Pro Wrestling 1 that I need to change so I can make it where when you go to the select wrestler screen it will start on the View Japan roster instead of the WFW roster to make it more like the Japanese version.

I also need someone that’s good on editing GBA graphics that can help me on making these patches for Final Fire Pro Wrestling and Fire Pro Wrestling 2:

I need a patch that would change the MMA octagon ring in FFPW to the one from FPW1: http://www.bwass.org/bucket/KKIiIk6.png

I also need two patches that would change the colors of the Azteca-Dragon Team ring in both FFPW and FPW2 to make it look more like the one from FPW1 as well: http://www.bwass.org/bucket/Fire%20Pro%20Wrestling%204.png

I also need two more patches that would replace head #77 in FFPW and head #250 in FPW2 with head #77 from FPW1 as well: http://www.bwass.org/bucket/77.png

If anybody can help me on these, that would be great.

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure

30 June 2016 10:12PM

Technical Help - PSX

After a few years hiatus, the Moon translation project is back, and we’re looking for your help!

Having a cult following despite only being available in Japanese, Love-de-lic’s Moon has been a highly anticipated game due to its mysterious nature and visuals. And today, we’re hoping someone here can help us further dispel the game’s mysteries.

We are looking for any talented PSX hackers to look into the game code to help us potentially bring back to life lost contents that are still hidden in the game. The biggest of these is a completely unused playable character who’s graphics are still available in the game. There are also lots of references to unused events through text and graphics that we suspect are still possible to activate in some form.

Unfortunately, on top of the hacking to get this project to its completed state, the time and skill to do this on the side would stall things further. But we are hoping that someone who may feel as passionately about this game as we do can step up to the challenge.

We have other intentions in hopefully finding this unused content, a lot of which having to do with being in contact with the game’s original developers who have not seen this stuff in years! It is our hope that the release of this translation and reworking of any of the game’s lost elements may lead to something bigger, which we won’t get into here.

More news concerning the translation project will follow on the forums in the future, but for now, if you are interested in getting involved then don’t hesitate to email me.

Thanks for your interest.

Ryū ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3)

20 June 2016 8:46PM

Translation Help - PS3


English version of Yakuza 3 had a large chunk of the game removed entirely in translation process so we’ve decided to do the game justice and translate the Japanese version using existing English version text and then translate the remaining untranslated parts.

We’re currently looking for translators willing to help translate said remaining untranslated portion of the Japanese version of the game (English script accounts for 51% of the game translated). We’d at the very least like to translate the next 19% which accounts for everything else except Hostess Clubs, which account for the last 30% of the text.

See the linked topic for more information.

Summon Night Swordcraft Story: Stone of Beginnings

20 April 2016 9:02PM

Translation Help - GBA

I’m looking for a proofreader with high Japanese and English skills to help in the correction/edition of the translated script of the game. The draft is already being proofreaded but it’s long, 1124 files, with 40 of them or so proofreaded to 100%. The good side is that more than half are 1kb and only have two phrases which correspond to locations in-game, so translating them shouldn’t be a problem (I made a document with all common terms to help in this case). Some lines will need to be translated from scratch, as the previous translators didn’t have a context to help with the translations.

This game is the last of the Swordcraft Story spin-off for the GBA. Pretty good games with good story and game-mechanics. Previous games were localized by atlus, so I’d like to keep the same terms as the previous game (the forge system is the same, with new mechanics added).

I’ve got people working on the inserter, and once it’s ready proofreading will be lot easier. I can also help in getting context of the game as I know more or less how the plot goes.

You can contact me through PM or the page provided.


Double Cast

19 April 2016 9:18PM

Translation Help - PSX

Looking for a proofreader of high Japanese/English skill to edit my translation for the game Double Cast. As of writing, the game is 100% translated into a rough draft.

It’s the first in the Yarudora series. These games are mystery/suspense visual novels, animated by Production IG. They are notable for having a high number of endings: this one has 27.

It’s a little bit long, and it’s difficult to track down every last scene in Let’s Plays, but I will be happy to throw a few links your way from Nico or Youtube if you need it. What’s more, the text is in one single file, so it may be a little unorganized. I’ll be happy to guide you through it if you have any questions. Esperknight gave me the script and is working on reinsertion. He’ll be testing and working out the kinks while this is being done.

There are segments where I’m not entirely happy with how I wrote them or what I came up with, so I really would like someone to rip it apart, for both the sake of my studies as well as the sake of the game.

Super Mario Bros. 3

08 April 2016 1:44AM

Technical Help - NES

I’m looking for a spriter that can change the Mario Sprites into Toad sprites from Wario’s Woods, some of the big Mario Mario sprites are already edited. I don’t need all the sprites edited since Toad is only going to use the Fire Flower in this hack. It may look like it’s a lot but it really isn’t, so if you’re out there and interested please reach me, I’d really appreciate it.

Here’s a video of my hack in action.

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