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Wrecking Crew '98 (SNES) Translation

20 January 2017 11:38PM

Translation Help - SNES

I’m seeking help regarding a translation of Wrecking Crew ‘98 for the SNES.

Right now the only thing remaining is for people knowledgeable in Japanese to lend a hand translating the script and menus.

I already have the compressed graphics, text and pointers all set to start translating the game with the proper font.

I have some progress made regarding most of the text found for the game in the first two pages of the following thread:

[HELP] Finding the HEX/Tile ID values of font for Wrecking Crew ‘98 translation?

Any help is welcomed and thanks in advance to all of those who are willing to help on this project!

The GBA Fire Pro Wrestling Games

06 January 2017 11:43PM

Technical Help - GBA

I’m looking for someone that’s really good on hacking GBA ROMs to help me on my restoration hacks for all three GBA Fire Pro Wrestling games.

For Fire Pro Wrestling:

I need a patch that would change the ring name of “Azteca-Dragon Team” to “JORYUKAN” in all uppercase letters and it would also change the ring name of “HIGHCLASS” to “HIGH-CLASS” as well:

http://www.bwass.org/bucket/Fire%20Pro%20Wrestling%20b1.png http://www.bwass.org/bucket/HC.png

I also need help on figuring out which offset and hex value in this game that I need to change so I can make it where when you go to the select wrestler screen it will start on the View Japan roster instead of the WFW roster to make it more like the Japanese version as well.

For Fire Pro Wrestling 2:

I need a patch that would change the ring name of “Azteca-Dragon Team” to “JORYUKAN” in all uppercase letters:


I also need a patch that would fix up Batman’s head that would make him look more accurate to his real life counterpart, here’s is a example of what I want him to look like:


For Final Fire Pro Wrestling:

I need a patch that would change the MMA octagon ring in this game to the one from Fire Pro Wrestling:


Another patch that I need for this game along with FPW2 is one that would fix the arm and leg joints to be in the right positions. Here is a example:

In FPW1, the arm and leg joints are in the right positions:


In FFPW & FPW2, the arm and leg joints are in the wrong positions:


If someone can help me on these, that would be great.

Too Much Tingle Pack

02 November 2016 6:14AM

Technical Help - NDS

I’m currently attempting to translate Too Much Tingle Pack, a Zelda spinoff DSiWare game. As far as I know, this is the first attempt at such a project. I’ve got an nds of the game, and it runs in no$gba. However, any modification to the Nitro File System of the rom results in the game refusing to boot. Apache Thunder was kind enough to explain why this is to me on GBAtemp -

“Newer NTR games and DSi games using newer TWL sdks make use of Digest Sector Tables to protect their NitroFS sections from modification (and possibly their arm binaries as well). You will have the patch the game to defeat that measure or go through the process of rehashing them. I suppose it’s possible to fix the hashes, but since the hash of the tables was stored in the header which was protected by RSA sig, no one had ever made tools for this. It’s possible now, but you’d have to write a program to handle that. Else you can’t modify the game without patching the checks out. This check isn’t handled by TWL_FIRM. Each individual game does this.”

There’s also some more info in this thread on GBAtemp- https://gbatemp.net/threads/patching-out-digest-sector-tables-in-dsiware.444666/

Is there anyone that would be able to help me with this? I’d really like to have this DSiWare translated by the time my other project is done (Tingle RPG 2), since they were both released together originally (in Japan obviously :)). Thanks in advance!

[WIP][RECRUITING] Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 (Rocket Slime 3DS)

26 October 2016 11:00PM

Translation Help - 3DS

Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3 (Rocket Slime 3DS)

Since Dragon Quest is around 30 years old, it only makes sense that the titular slime would’ve had his time in the spotlight. It does, and it was glorious.


Imagine waking up on an unknown island, not knowing how you got there, or why you’re there. Right outside your immediate view you can see monsters roaming, watching your every move. Now, realize you’re a slime, the island is your house, and the monsters are platypus love-children. Oh, and you have a warship.

As the game starts, you’ll be greeted by the titular team of the game before this, Rocket Slime. If all you oldies out there can’t remember it in your old age, your best (only?) friend, Hooly, tried to straight-up destroy you in a 1v1 battle. Your friend Swoosty reprises his role as the coward, and, instead of helping you fight, he helps you craft increasingly powerful (OP?) weaponry to fire out of your cannon. (If you ask me, I think the sword would be more useful if you used it as a sword, not a cannonball…)

WHAT IS DONE? What we have progress on is as follows:

    • Translate Menu Text
    • Translate Items/Monsters
    • Extract, edit, and replace in-game images
    • Translate all dialogue



This particular .3ds game is unique in that near-all off the text in-game is stored in the code.bin. Because it is stored in the code.bin, extraction and reinjection have been a prime issue. While, yes, we can do rudimentary edits through our XML, our team does not have the skill set to properly do this.

Our dilemma is that we are restricted by our character limits. While this seems like a stupid-obvious thing to answer with “Just take out words/translate shorter!”, this won’t really work. While, yes, it would work in most situations, a lot of the core meaning is lost along with some phrases being too long for us to translate shorter than the character count gives us. For example, the Japanese character that means “huh?” in English is one character long. If we were to translate it how we can now, our translation would be: “?” That’s just a generally all-around awful translation, and to fix these we need another party member.


What we need is someone who can assemble/compile the code.bin to be readily available for editing. What I have attached below is the code.bin. If anyone wants to take a crack at it, be my guest.

Our team is a friendly, active environment that has a real passion for this game. If anyone is interested, please let me know!


Super Mario Land

24 October 2016 10:47PM

Technical Help - GB

Looking for any info, that is already included in frank15’s notes. Disassembly (my computer wont disassemble the rom not sure why) any rom or ram locations anything. Any music info might be nice too. Information on how the the tiles are formed.

Wander Wonder

23 October 2016 9:37PM

Translation Help - PC

Wander Wonder is an adventure game released in 2000 by Japanese company Compile. You know them now as “Compile Heart.”

The game stars a boy names Jino who wants to explore the same ruins his grandfather once did. The rest is a secret :)

We’re looking for help with translation checking on this game. The total size of the script is 108,000 Japanese characters long. There’s a small amount of additional (non-script) text we would like help with also, about 1,000 characters more.

See the link for proof of concept and a quick review of our translation thus far. You could have a look at our scripts and translations here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vfYgwAoScalaZMsfBlf0UmX3KGQwyrjSmWVD2hUPrj4/edit#gid=1270066596

Days of Memories

20 October 2016 7:13AM

Translation Help - NDS

Hello there(^ ^) I’m Bad Bunny(it’s never mean that I’m bad OK ( ) trust me…!) and I’m kind a new in here.

Oh ya the reason for my help post is because I looking someone is sincere to help me to complect translation of this game(please I begging you (T///T) huhuhu)

Because the text is long( of course this is novel visual game.) I really need a help for more 3 or 4 translator for complected translation patch or I have no choice but to release a partial patch.

Games Info: Days of Memories (abbreviated DOM) is a series of dating sims that SNK Playmore has been making for cell phones since 2005. SNK Playmore have released a compilation of the first three games for the Nintendo DS in 2007, with new graphics and an extra viewing mode.

Summary: The games are dating sims starring SNK, ADK, and SNK Playmore characters that take place in a parallel world to their own. In each game, the player is given the month of July to start a relationship with one of the girls featured in the game, in order to finish the game with the beginnings of a workable relationship.

Characters: Character all from Snk play more games including KOF character.

Patch Progress: Go and comes to visit this humble link


Me: I hope for any sincere help for this translation project and you contact me on email by this address BadbunnyLordOfNine@gmail.com or by Discord Bad Bunny # 8263. I really appreciated for any kind of help.


20 October 2016 4:49AM

Technical Help - PSP

Hi, I am Kazetrigger of the .hack//Translate project. I am the only one left in the project and the game still needs a fair amount of work. It’s been 5 years in development and may never be complete if I can’t find a programmer to work on it.

I am looking for one or more programmers/romhackers who can help either fix or develop a new patching system for the game.

The current patching system has the following issues:

  • It causes various parts of the game to freeze (seemingly at random, but there might be a pattern I haven’t found yet)
  • The font is pixelated and uneven, which looks unpleasant.
  • Images and certain lines of text cannot be ripped from game files using it.

The game is ~75% translated. The main problems are the bits of game I don’t know how to access to translate them. I have some programming knowledge, but not enough to understand how to fix this. The patching system I am using was left to me by the previous programmer who is no longer involved with the project.

I’d like someone who is able to modify the game and/or patching system so that:

  • The freezing issue can be fixed.
  • The font can be smoothed.
  • Images can be edited with English text and patched back into the game.
  • Text in cutscenes can be edited.
  • The game’s dictionary can be reprogrammed to appear in English alphabetical order rather than by Japanese syllable order.
  • The game can be edited/patched more efficiently (optional)

Anyone with PSP/patching tool knowledge who would like to help, please send me a message from here or e-mail me from the .hack//Translate website.

Gundam Ghiren's Greed Axis no kyoui V

05 October 2016 8:44PM

Technical Help - PSP


I’m currently working on a full translation Gundam Ghiren’s Greed Axis no Kyoui for the PSP. I’ve managed to decompress all of the in game images, and find the text in the boot.bin. Currently I’ve edited and translated all of the images related to the in-game menu’s along with unit and pilot data.

The issue I’m having is my inability to figure out the games, LZ77 based compression. The tool I’m using was designed specifically to extract images from the game, but I have no way to insert them.

If anyone is interested in assisting, shoot me a private message. I would be happy to lend my extensive Japanese translation skills to anyone willing to help.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

05 October 2016 8:41PM

Technical Help - GC

I’d love some help restoring certain features from Thousand-Year-Door’s Japanese release in the NTSC version. My romhack, TTYD+, already reverts most of the localization changes, but some of it is beyond my abilities. These include:

  • The chalk outline / blood splatters in the Rogueport back alley (texture is removed outright)
  • TEC’s red eye (seems to be mapped to the model itself)
  • The Boo storeclerk’s bunny ears (I can replace this, but the texture’s dimensions are wrong)

I’ve attempted porting the English text to the Japanese ISO to circumvent these issues, but that comes with its own host of problems. If anyone has ideas about how these might be accomplished, feel free to contact me at griscuitsandbavy@gmail.com

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