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Summon Night Craftsword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi

22 April 2014 5:57PM

Technical Help - GBA


I’m looking for an ASM hacker that can help us with the insertion of the translated script in the game.

The text extraction was possible thanks to Ritchburn’s tools, and the script’s already 100% translated.

Problem is, because of the compression used the script requires to be adapted so it can be properly inserted.

As our main hacker is busy, i request someone who can help them finish this task.

For more information just send a message here: http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,16818.0.html

or send me a PM.

You’re also encouraged to contact TLZ (our hacker) through a PM or by the IRC: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.sorcery.net&channel=%23Summon-Night

if they are busy, leave a message instead.



Daikaiju Monogatari Miracle of the Zone

22 April 2014 5:56PM

Translation Help - GB

I’m just shooting this out here on the chance someone might be interested in translating this game. I’ve currently extracted 12 blocks of text that are probably in the neighborhood of 100kb and over 1000 strings. There might be some more text I missed.

Treasures of Elnark

04 April 2014 10:29AM

Beta Testing - NES

This is for the Treasures of Elnark, a completed translation, submitted, but not fully tested.

The game is not an easy play through, since the player’s light/dark meter rating affects the dialogue that’s activated and the passages through the game. However, we do have cheat codes, a script, a video longplay of the Japanese version, and a link to a Japanese walkthrough of sorts.

We’re needing someone or a group of people that can play through and take screenshots of the dialogue windows as they’re prompted, of which there are about 40, to ensure that the text displays correctly and at the correct times.

Any help would be appreciated.

What's Shenmue

20 March 2014 5:35PM

Translation Help - DC

Hi, I’m looking for a Japanese-English translator for checking some menus and translating the dialogues of What’s Shenmue, a silly demo released before the first game.

There’s around 66KB of dialogues in kanji. Might be possible to copy some of the lines from the official translation (Mostly those that talk about how to go somewhere).

The insertion part is finished (Except for some issues with the executable), so it’s just translating and testing.

Digimon Adventure

18 March 2014 8:28AM

Technical Help - PSP

Hello, I’m looking for an ASM hacker that can help us in technical aspect…

We have release new patch version but sadly we don’t have skill in ASM so that we can fix the text alignment…

for more info please message me here… or visit http://www.datehacks.org/portal.php

Regards, xhai

Color-Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip

19 February 2014 2:03PM

Translation Help - NDS

Hello, We are looking for help in translating the script of Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip from Japanese to English. It is a spinoff of The Legend of Zelda series and a sequel to Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

We have the entire script dumped. Also, the entire script is in kana, there is no kanji.

I am told that the game uses a preschool level of vocabulary and grammar, so it’s not too complicated.

Berwick Saga

10 February 2014 12:31PM

Technical Help - PS2

Is anyone up for an English fan translation of this pseudo-sequel to Tear Ring Saga from the original creators of Fire Emblem back in the SNES days – which also happens to be one of the greatest SRPGs of all time (imo)?

I’ve beaten Berwick Saga multiple times and have read through all official publications (2-volume novel, and all the comic anthologies, and 4-panel comics). Please consider translation/localization covered (more help is always welcome of course, but I imagine my love for this game would keep me from burning out), but I would need MAJOR help on the hacking/text-insertion/debugging part.

If anyone makes progress with text extraction and would like to proceed with translation, please let me know.

(The link leads to a forum for the completed Simplified Chinese fan translation. Asking for their advice on hacking-related matters may be a possibility worth considering)

Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart

07 February 2014 6:13PM

Technical Help - SNES

Looking for help on reworking the large font in the ROM from Japanese to English. We have a translator but unfortunately as far as changing it to how we want to output the text is the issue. Currently have all small font work completed and looking for advanced help on this one. This may involve some ASM or compression routines, not sure exactly.

Biomotor Unitron 2

19 January 2014 9:51PM

Translation Help - NGPC

I have a lot of the translation done. I would like help in the following ways.

The translation of dialogue.

Pointer help, to increase dialogue and menu limitations

Rearrange how the fighting menu is done, as to reflect how a USA RPG would read, instead of a Japanese RPG.

Titlescreen edit.

I’d love to see this completed, if anyone is interested.

Thank you


La Pucelle: Ragnarok

18 January 2014 6:09PM

Translation Help - PSP

I am looking for a Japanese to English translator to work on the PSP game La Pucelle Ragnarok.

I have been using the PS2 text to translate the game but there’s significant new content in the PSP version of the game. I am getting close to having inserted all the PS2 content into the PSP game. I have created my own toolkit that can process most the files in the game.

I am currently about 65% of the way done with the translation of LPR. I have completed all the menus, items, skills, names, NPCs, and 11 of 12 chapters of the game. There are 4 chapters that are new to the PSP version and also many NPCs. I have been releasing patches at GBATemp.


If you are interested in helping with the translation, please let me know.

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