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TMNT II: The Arcade Game

23 April 2017 1:39AM

Technical Help - NES

I need someone that’s good on hex editing NES games that can help me on adding these fixes to my hack:

I want to fix the glitch that appears when Michelangelo does his special attack: https://tcrf.net/Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_II:_The_Arcade_Game#Michaelangelo

I also want to fix the glitch that appears when Bebop is defeated as well: https://tcrf.net/Teenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_II:_The_Arcade_Game#Bebop

I also would like to add these fixes from the Japanese version to this version as well:

Make the jump kick be as powerful as the special attack.

Have the ability to perform the jump kick at any point during a jump.

Have the ability to push to the opposite direction and switch which way your attack is aimed while performing either a jump kick or a special attack.

Make the cheat codes easier to enter.

If anyone can help me on this, that would be great.

Mega Man 3

15 April 2017 9:00AM

Technical Help - NES

I’m looking for a spriter that can change Mega Man into Bass in these photos…

Pic 1

Pic 2

And also if the ending can be changed from Mega Man to Bass, and switch Dr. Light around for Dr. Wily. Here’s the ending of Mega Man 3

Here’s what’s been done so far…

Pic 3

Pic 4

If any spriter has some time on their hands and it’s willing to help me, please contact me. Thank you.

Super Mario World

10 April 2017 9:09PM

Technical Help - SNES

I’m looking for someone who can edit the world map, the person can be creative. I just want each world to have four levels, a ghost house in the available world. And I want to have the opening to Bowser’s world in it as well as Bowser’s world edited.

So Far all the levels and text in World 1 has been edited, I also got some help from friends to make everything Luigi. So if anyone out there is interested in editing the world map for my hack Luigi’s Chronicles 3, please contact me.

Final Fantasy

05 April 2017 8:29PM

Technical Help - NES

Just looking for someone to help transfer FF III Overworld, Dungeon, Town, etc. tiles into the FF I ROM. Full credit will be given for the assistance :)

Bomberman Jetters - Densetsu no Bomberman

02 April 2017 1:19AM

Translation Help - GBA

I’m seeking translators interested in helping me with this hidden jewel of the GBA library. The script itself is fairly short (less than 500 kb) and i can help inserting translated stuff for proofreading purposes. I am continuing Normmatt’s job as he and other people did the bulk of the hacking in the game. a VWF has been inserted so there won’t be any limitations.

You can contact me via the mail provided!


Star Cruiser 2

11 March 2017 8:50PM

Beta Testing - PC98

Me, celcion and TheMajinZenki need help with the beta testing of Star Cruiser 2, which is a PC-98 only sequel to Star Cruiser, a multigenre (mostly FPS-RPG hybrid) game on PC-88/x68000/SMD. If anyone is interested in helping in the closed testing, please contact celcion (technical issues/patch distribution) and cccmar (script-related issues/game-related questions). Thanks in advance.

Metroid Zero Mission

02 March 2017 6:35AM

Technical Help - GBA

I am looking for help to make a complete Metroid Zero Mission hack. This hack needs to have Crocomire in it, already have the 3 patches that I want on it. I need help completing it, as well as beta testers for it.

It’s called Metroid Darkest Hours. Crocomire is going to be a required boss.

  • Crocomire Hack
  • No Map hack
  • Speedbooster Smooth Landing hack

Please PM me if you would like to help or be a beta tester.


Xdelta gui patcher Double Helix 2.0 The current progress patch (Will recieve if you help me) (Possibly) A graphical designer, and Music editor

The Music editor is only if you know how to import and export gba music without an issue.

And Finally PM me for anymore information

Thank You


Wizardry Empire III

28 February 2017 6:28AM

Technical Help - PSP

Looking for help on setting a VWF on Wizardry Empires III in order to continue on with this translation project. If you can help implement this feature on the game, please contact MrRichard999.

Wrecking Crew '98 (SNES) Translation

20 January 2017 11:38PM

Translation Help - SNES

I’m seeking help regarding a translation of Wrecking Crew ‘98 for the SNES.

Right now the only thing remaining is for people knowledgeable in Japanese to lend a hand translating the script and menus.

I already have the compressed graphics, text and pointers all set to start translating the game with the proper font.

I have some progress made regarding most of the text found for the game in the first two pages of the following thread:

[HELP] Finding the HEX/Tile ID values of font for Wrecking Crew ‘98 translation?

Any help is welcomed and thanks in advance to all of those who are willing to help on this project!

The GBA Fire Pro Wrestling Games

06 January 2017 11:43PM

Technical Help - GBA

I’m looking for someone that’s really good on hacking GBA ROMs to help me on my restoration hacks for all three GBA Fire Pro Wrestling games.

For Fire Pro Wrestling:

I need a patch that would change the ring name of “Azteca-Dragon Team” to “JORYUKAN” in all uppercase letters and it would also change the ring name of “HIGHCLASS” to “HIGH-CLASS” as well:

http://www.bwass.org/bucket/Fire%20Pro%20Wrestling%20b1.png http://www.bwass.org/bucket/HC.png

I also need a patch that would restore the blue background from the Japanese title screen back to the American title screen.

American Title Screen: http://www.bwass.org/bucket/FPWTitleScreen.png Japanese Title Screen: http://www.bwass.org/bucket/FPWATitlescreen.png

I also need help on figuring out which offset and hex value in this game that I need to change so I can make it where when you go to the select wrestler screen it will start on the View Japan roster instead of the WFW roster to make it more like the Japanese version as well.

For Fire Pro Wrestling 2:

I need a patch that would change the ring name of “Azteca-Dragon Team” to “JORYUKAN” in all uppercase letters:


I also need a patch that would fix up Batman’s head that would make him look more accurate to his real life counterpart, here’s is a example of what I want him to look like:


For Final Fire Pro Wrestling:

I need a patch that would change the MMA octagon ring in this game to the one from Fire Pro Wrestling:


Another patch that I need for this game along with FPW2 is one that would fix the arm and leg joints to be in the right positions. Here is a example:

In FPW1, the arm and leg joints are in the right positions:


In FFPW & FPW2, the arm and leg joints are in the wrong positions:


If someone can help me on these, that would be great.

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