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Hybrid Front

17 May 2015 2:49PM

Translation Help - GEN


I need help from a fluent Japanese - English trasnlator to help me to achieve the trasnlation of the Hybrid Front, a Megadrive wargame by Sega.

It’s one of the numerous strategy wargames that went out in Japan at this era, but didn’t receive a localization.

Its specificities are :

  • a sci-fi based plot, rather than Fantasy or WW2 that were more prominent at the time
  • a high level realization by the standard of the era (nice illustrations, an OST still praised)

So far, I played the game up to the first assault, dumped every single text I found, coded Python scripts to reinsert translated text, coded several hacks to change on-the-fly graphics loaded when a menu appear, and python scripts to generate those graphics from a png file.

Doing that, I identified some pointers tables, so that my script dump contains most, if not all, the game.

What remains to do from the hacking side is :

  • to identify other menu during the game (which should not cause a lot of problems since I identified the menu drawing routines)
  • to implement a VWF for the small texts (as you can see in the screenshots, yu’re limited to very few characters, which would be really painfull in English). I already coded VWF routines for various games (check the translation of Psy-O-Blade for example), so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Notice that script texts (big font in captures) is not limited in such a way (in fact it’s not limited at all since the text scrolls)

Here are some links :

  • two threads from the board when I was working on the hacks (big thanks to Seihen, mz and Midna) : here and there
  • a patch showing altered text (the texts are not really translated, just edited with nonsensical stuff for testing purpose) (the fonts are also temporary) (screenshots below) : here
  • a video containing gameplay of the first minutes of the game : youtube
  • a scan of the japanese manual : from segaretro
  • all the texts I’ve dumped so far, along with some menu layouts (graphics files ; the colors are wrong but it’s on purpose) : here

Screenshots of the current patch :

If you’re interested in this project, please contact me via the RHDN board or by mail.

Wizardry Chronicles

08 May 2015 9:47PM

Translation Help - PC

Hello. I am posting this in regards to the Wizardry Chronicles project I am working on. With summer here and having more time to work on it, I want to focus as much as I can into finishing this before the summer is over. I am currently looking for any translators who wish to help in translating what we have left here. We have some people on but due to a large amount of text in the game (which is odd for a typical wizardry title) there is still much work to be done. Most of it is item descriptions and there are a lot of items. Please send me a message if you are interested!

Mario's Nightmare Quest

04 May 2015 8:56PM

Technical Help - SNES

I’m currently working on a rather… technically complex Super Mario World mod. Unfortunately, while I have help in terms of beta testing and programming, I still need some for the following:

1. Creating custom graphics, for things not found in existing video games or sprite sheets. These include custom tilesets and objects for Zelda style levels and enemy graphics for characters from recent games like Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

2. Music porting, since we know nothing about porting music from MIDIs or by ear.

So if you’re either a good pixel artist or a good music porter, contact us in the topic on the forums or at SMW Central, we’d much appreciate it!

Wizardry Gaiden IV - Throb of the Demon's Heart

12 April 2015 3:33PM

Technical Help - SNES

Currently looking for someone to help insert the larger font in game dialogue. We currently have everything completely translated with all addresses of the dialogue and the font table completely done. Please contact me if you would be interested in helping complete this project.

ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere

21 February 2015 8:50PM

Translation Help - PSX

Japanese to English

Character biographies. About 50 lines.

Streets of Rage 2 Restoration

11 February 2015 9:24PM

Technical Help - GEN

I’m trying to make a restoration hack for Streets of Rage 2 that restores both Blaze’s flying kick sprites and Mr. X’s cigar from the Japanese version to the American version.

I was able to restore Blaze’s flying kick sprites thanks to the Pancake 2 editor, you can check it out here: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2089/

The problem is I have no idea how to restore Mr. X’s cigar. That’s why I’m looking for a hex editing expert that knows how to restore it.

If someone knows how to restore it, can you please help me.

The Legend of Iowa

27 January 2015 8:08PM

Technical Help - NES

I’m looking for a good pixel artist to clean up the front- and back-view frames of the “Chicken” enemy, using the side-view frames as a template. (The side-view art is an 8-bit rendition of the chickens found in Link to the Past.) The artist will be acknowledged in the game’s End Credits sequence.

As indicated by the shading, these sprites are displayed in a horizontally mirrored, or “inkblot” format.


Mario Gaiden (Groundbreaking SMB1 Hack)

16 January 2015 9:40PM

Technical Help - NES

Now that the major system changes are near complete and I’ll move on to the next stage presumably soon, I’m here to look for any DEDICATED people who can DRAW GRAPHICS for me.

This hack will be promising, check the related URL. One of the significant systems is custom background and even parallax scrolling background.

Art style required: Not really light-hearted like in SMB3.

Square Rush (Working Title)

13 January 2015 8:57PM

Technical Help - NES

It is a side scrolling game where you controll a little square and avoid obstacles. So far, it has got a menu, proper (but improveable) collision detection, RLE level format, a screen editor and level composer (which are not completely done, but i will have them done shortly). I also intend to include a random level generator for never ending fun, but this will be at the very end when everything else is done from coding side :)

I want to reach out to any artist and musician (as I am neither of both, see my brilliant ingame artwork :D). i am lacking a title screen, catchy music (SE are not important/going to be included as i dont think its neccessary) and levels, so if anyone is interested to collaborate and hand in something to include, i would really appreciate it. Ideas and improvements are welcome too, just pm me over at nesdev (you can also find me on this board).

Check out the thread on nesdev for pictures and a video

Earth Seeker

06 January 2015 8:19AM

Translation Help - WII

This is an Action RPG similar to monster hunter, but with a girl as the main hero.

The game is actually really easy to hex edit, the issue stands now is getting assistance on the script. I’ve had a few offers, but nothing concrete. I’d greatly appreciate assistance.

What’s done. All four script files dumped. maybe 40-60% poorly translated Graphics are dripped and extracted, some have been done. I’ve had a few issues where putting them back into the game causing white screens, so we’re looking into that.

That’s really it, the game is pretty straight forward, just hex editing and/or script dump+input back into it, and graphics updated.

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