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Magical Tetris Challenge (Arcade) Conversion Patches

Hack of Magical Tetris Challenge (Arcade)


This series of patches allow the various Aleck64 titles to run on unintended hardware. Those provided here convert the arcade version of Magical Tetris Challenge so it will run on either a retail N64 console or the later SeTa E92 Arcade boards. Unshared hardware registers are mimicked, input and switches reassigned, save support switched to a different device, and when necessary recreating the video overlay.

Unlike other conversions, an expansion pak is not necessary. You’ll optionally need a 4K or 16K eeprom to save settings. Only options in the Test menu and coinage are saved; high scores reset at each power cycle. A save file is not necessary for play.

Two variants of the E92 conversion are available. The HLE version is designed to work on any software board providing enough cart domain space, requiring no additional hardware. The video overlay is emulated, nearly identical to the N64 conversion. The standard version uses the E92’s own overlay and requires you provide the tileset chrROM on the correct addressing lines. Not providing it will likely cause a softlock. Only use this version if you have suitable hardware.

As of version 2.0, standalone patches were abandoned in favor of an autopatcher. This requires either 64bit Windows or something compatible. The patcher sorts out the earlier bad dump and ignores endianness. Provide “nus-zcaj.u4″; in MAME the ROMset containing this is “mtetrisc”. Load the ROM, select any applicable options, then output a hardware-compatible ROM. Output is native byteorder (big endian), using a 5101 CIC. Specific readmes for each patch are available via the patching program as well. Refer to a patch’s readme for controls and other notes.

Patches are only tested on real hardware. At time of writing, MAME requires rebuilding to support Aleck64 titles, plus video emulation is incomplete. This is the only emulator directly supporting Aleck64. N64 conversions are only supported by specific builds of specific emulators. Some are known to mutate options in the Test Menu. Only use on console is recommended.

NOTE: This uses the MAME 0.158 and lower version of the ROM.

V2.0 October 19, 2021

  • Corrected video output.
  • Modified save support.
  • Modified input support.
  • Removed requirement for tet-01m.u5 chr ROM.
  • Added language support.
  • Added support for using on E92 boards.
  • Timestamp added at 0×34 for easier future identification.

V1.0 August 24, 2015

  • Initial Release

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Binary Name: nus-zcaj.u4
  • Common Title: Magical Tetris Challenge (Arcade)
  • MD5 (little endian):
  • 9E89CA5D93831F8DA0E929C992DA723E
  • SHA512 (little endian):
  • 496FCDF47A3D802628435B9CBBC430E31C75766F59EEC6D2CFA778DA384F20CE7923CBCADB0C6E1B661170625B378CE46331428AE0E347AA3950372E342C4CB6
  • MD5 (big endian):
  • 838EEB7743AD8950F7AA496AD02783D2
  • SHA512 (big endian):
  • 1A434798DA52D285276531E95BF42C92547E70C2F8F8B4BF42A27C5905A746AB078B9F6A2343C31C8801C3B23C3950250A3CAB0E3EACFBEF4D29B40BDACEBF28




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