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Diet Pikmin 2

Hack of Pikmin 2


Diet Pikmin 2 is a hack of Pikmin 2 to provide 14 new cave layouts to explore in the 1 player adventure!

This hack Pikmin 2 is meant to be a slightly lighter experience for Pikmin 2 newcomers, but still offer some challenge for all Pikmin players.

A lot of the music, sounds, dialogue, and other minor details have been altered, but the overworld locations remain the same as the original game. The game’s mechanics are unchanged as well.

All 201 treasures from the original game are available to collect, but both underground treasures and power-ups have been shuffled around from the original game. The overworld treasures are still in the same locations as the original game.

  • Please note there is some strong language and minor vulgarity.

Install the xdelta patch on an unmodified Pikmin 2 USA GameCube disc image (iso).

Due to the size of the patch, you can download the patch file here:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Pikmin 2 GameCube (USA) Game ID: GPVE01




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Dark BooHacking

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