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Glover2 Prototype Bugfix

Hack of Glover 2


The more complete of the (so far) released Glover2 prototypes has two bad files which cause errors and/or crashing, depending on your setup and luck. One is a compressed file, called GYPSY.moo and the other is a sound effect, sounds.24.bfx. Only short segments of data were corrupted when dumped and thankfully easy to reconstruct. This is a rare occasion when it is safe to say the corrected file should match a future redump of the ROM.

The sound effect is also present in other dumps. This data was simply copied. The block of compressed data in GYPSY.moo was reconstructed based on likely decompressed output and following the structure of other objects. Only the damaged region, somewhat miraculously, is corrected; typically any change to a compressed file would change all data following it.

There’s several released prototypes and naming conventions are messy. You’ll need a copy of “Glover 2 - Unreleased Beta Version - CARROT.rom” in native (big-endian) byteorder. The internal checksum, at 0×10, should read: B7F40BCF 553556A5

There are multiple, valid copies of this file, some overdumped (0×2000000 bytes) and others truncated either to data length (0×69F6C0 bytes) or padded to 0×800000 bytes. For this reason, an IPS is provided rather than a filetype that confirms file checksums during the patching process. There will be NO WARNING if the wrong file is patched. Check against the checksums in the readme to ensure you have the correct input file, and verify the provided output checksums.

Most IPS patchers can be used to apply the patch. Please note however not all IPS patching programs will accept input files over 16MB, even though the patched data lies below this threshold.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Common Names
  • Glover 2 - Unreleased Beta Version - CARROT.rom
  • Glover 2 (Prototype B)
  • Glover 2 (USA)(Proto).n64
  • Internal Checksum
  • B7F40BCF 553556A5
  • *MD5 (overdump version--32MB)
  • A8567DDABD3672FFF18BC5DF933CF8C7
  • *MD5 (overdump version--8MB)
  • 0527214941A20D70264EE193AC575E45
  • *SHA512 (overdump version--32MB)
  • 4FB2D58ECCFB6900FB4812F3AB046E1ABA00DF115A276B8F1A34920483D779EE46EFF30D558181B2ED3BEB2C6B400F57DED9E6710FEB929D5F25F0E9EAB34939
  • *SHA512 (overdump version--8MB)
  • 1C8BC02A4537426C00C4995C44EF39E3F8A1444F154C34D6FD411D3DC812136E18F20BB7E0F95C0C0769FDA412529E164758862C2112E8DC43C479598E59667A




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