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Super Mario Bros. Special - Layout Fix

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


The original level layout for the “SMB Special for NES” strove to be faithful to the original PC game from Hudsonsoft. It was too faithful. Frantik and Karatorian chose to leave in a few level design flaws that may or may not have been a mistake in the original version. There are 2 spots where the player can become softlocked, and a few other places where some graphical mishaps occur. One flaw in particular, a special room in 4-3 with no exit, was brought up as a bug by almost all of the testers. Once you get to that room, your only option is to run the timer out and die.

This patch aims to preserve the Super Mario Bros. Special experience, but make a few small changes to smooth over some of the rough edges present in the original. It fixes softlock traps in 2-3 and 4-3, and fixes oddities in 3-2, 4-1, 7-3, and 7-4 to make SMBS feel like a true, polished Mario game.

Addendum to:

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Super Mario Bros
  • ROM SHA-1: 5AA663E64AA32602C8AE82C0BBD4EA279EF1A346
  • ROM CRC32: F21AF99C




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Levi “Karatorian” AhoOriginal HackingPrimary hacking and ASM work
frantikOriginal Hacking

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