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Super Smash Bros. Sonic 2 Mod

Hack of Super Smash Bros.


SONIC 2 Mod for Super Smash Brothers 64 Version 1: 11/10/2020 by: Ownsoldier

List of Changes (version 1):

  • New title splash screen
  • New menu background and music from Sonic 2 competition results
  • Player select music from Sonic 2 options screen
  • Data music from Hidden Palace Zone
  • **All stage select images and text reworked to fit each level***
  • Peach’s Castle is now Emerald Hill Zone
  • Congo Jungle is now Mystic Cave Zone (includes barrel hazard)
  • Hyrule Castle is now Aquatic Ruin Zone
  • Planet Zebes is now Chemical Plant Zone (includes rising lava hazard)
  • Mushroom Kingdom is now Green Hills Zone (from the Sega Game Gear game Sonic 2)
  • Yoshi’s Island is now Wing Fortress Zone (includes walkable clouds)
  • Kirby’s Dreamland is now Hill Top Zone (includes wind blowing hazard)
  • Sector Z is now Metropolis Zone (includes arwing hazard)
  • Saffron City is now Casino Night Zone
  • Starman item has Sonic 2’s invincibility music
  • Hammer item has Sonic 2’s Super Sonic music
  • New results screen background and music
  • **Single player levels changes***
  • Tutorial stages have custom background and music from Sky Chase Zone
  • Break targets and board platforms have special stage background and music
  • New music for all completion and fail results screens
  • Metal Mario Stage is now Oil Ocean Zone
  • Fighting Polygon Stage is now Death Egg Zone
  • Master Hand Stage has Final Zone background and music
  • Ending credits have the Sonic 2 ending cinematic music

Future Projects: Ownsoldier’s tutorial series on how to create Super Smash Brothers 64 levels using simple free tools like Google Sketchup and Blender:


  • youtube profile: ownsoldier86
  • wikidot profile (on N64 Vault): ownsoldier
  • profile: ownsoldier
  • profile: ownsoldier


  • *Requirements**
  • 1. A fresh SSB64 rom. Sample filename “Super Smash Bros. (USA).z64″. Where you find the rom is up to you!
  • 2. The “ssbmod_sonic2.xdelta” patch located in this .zip file
  • 3. Latest version of the Goldeneye Setup Editor, download from
  • *Steps**
  • 1. Open the goldeneye setup editor, my version executable is PerfectGold.exe
  • 2. Go to the menu: ToolsSwitch Editor GameSuper Smash Bros.
  • 3. Go to the menu: ToolsXDelta PatchingApply Super Smash Bros. .xdelta Patch
  • 4. When the dialog opens up, first select your fresh SSB64 rom and click Open
  • 5. Select the “ssbmod_sonic2.xdelta” and Open
  • 6. Rename the output rom to “SSBMod_SONIC2.z64″ (or whatever your want)

DONE! Now the patch should have applied to your new rom and you can start smashing in Sonic levels! :-)

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Smash Bros. (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20180814-043336)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: E2929E10FCCC0AA84E5776227E798ABC07CEDABF
  • File/ROM CRC32: EB97929E




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
SubDragOriginal HackingFor creating the Goldeneye Setup Editor UI

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